AT&T's Ambitious Internet Services Strategy -- Can it Deliver? (T)

| About: AT&T Inc. (T)
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At the Lightreading “Future of Optical Networking” conference in New York last week, Joe Weinman, VP of Strategy and Emerging Services at AT&T (NYSE:T) spoke for nearly an hour on future applications for the net. He positioned AT&T as delivering a future where they operate a myriad amount of services on the net -- television, compute farms, remote storage, even RFID tag reading.

AT&T doesn’t strike me as having 1/10th of the corporate agility to implement all of these programs. How will AT&T outpace other smaller companies that offered the same services over AT&T’s network?

Regardless, Joe was a very good speaker. If AT&T has execution equivalent to this guy's vision, they’ll do all right. I engaged him afterwards a question on Project Lightspeed -- “What is the number one reason a cable customer would switch to AT&T for Video Services” -- and didn’t get a cohesive answer. AT&T still needs to communicate this clearly to the market.