Jim Cramer's Mad Money Lightning Round Picks 4/26


Lightning Round stock picks from Jim Cramer's Wednesday April 26th Mad Money TV program. Click on a stock ticker for more analysis:

Bullish calls:

Level 3 Communications (NASDAQ:LVLT) - 'I think it goes higher... liked the quarter'
WellPoint Inc (WLP) -- 'a massively good quarter, if not a blowout.. group was formerly in a bull market, that is now a house of pain... I don't care, I'm buying them'
Brush Engineered Materials (NYSE:BW) -- 'wrong that it's going down... we love the composite materials sector, stuff that goes into airplanes'
Dynegy (NYSE:DYN) -- 'it's back from the dead... it's a Lazarus stock... it's going to do well with natural gas lower'
Brocade Communications (NASDAQ:BRCD) -- 'BRCD could be the surprise quarter of this whole earnings period... extrapolating from the IBM call, I think BRCD at $6 is ready to roll higher.'
Openwave Systems (OPWV) -- 'this was a play on Peterschmidt, the man who made us money in Inktomi... I like it.. I'm not worried about the convertible debt... it's the portal for cell phones'
Broadcom (BRCM) -- 'talk about a house of pain.. I defy anyone to tell me why that stock's down 7... it's just too low... I'd back up the truck at $35'
Nabors (NYSE:NBR)
Coach Inc (NYSE:COH) -- 'I know the inventories are up a little... set up for an 'UPOD' situation: Underpromise and now Overdeliver... I would like to buy Coach here'
Halliburton (NYSE:HAL) -- 'It's got more of a Mrs. Cheney feel than a Mr. Cheney feel... I think that HAL at 78 is a buy.. don't forget, you're getting infrastructure -- this is the class act in the group'
Bank of America Corp (NYSE:BAC) -- 'who gives a darn about the credit card business when you're buying back $12 billion in stock in a 18 month period, which comes to 200 million shares?! You look up the word 'confidence' in the dictionary, and you will see a picture of Bank of America'
Progenics Pharmaceuticals (NASDAQ:PGNX)
Chevron Corp (NYSE:CVX)
Occidental Petroleum Corp (NYSE:OXY) -- '(reported) the quarter from heaven'
Phelps Dodge Corp (PD) -- 'Buy on a pullback'
Southern Copper Corporation (PCU) -- 'I endorse it... if that communist doesn't win in Peru.'
Conexant Systems (NASDAQ:CNXT-RETIRED) -- 'I would be very hurt, if not surprised, if CNXT doesn't deliver'

Bearish calls:

Pioneer Drilling Company (AMEX:PDC) -- 'can't bless it... a contract land driller that is deeply leveraged only to natural gas'
Vitesse Semiconductor (NASDAQ:VTSS) -- 'I don't think there's anybody left at Vitesse... I think everybody resigned... I'm in shock about Vitesse... feels exactly like NT to me... I got Vitesse wrong...'
Murphy Oil Corp (NYSE:MUR) -- 'it is so impossibly hard to screw up if you are in the oil patch, but Murphy did it!'
EuroZinc Mining (NYSEARCA:EZM) -- 'don't go down the foodchain on my show and offer a Portuguese copper company'
CBOT Holdings Inc (BOT) -- 'I put it in the 'show me' camp'

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