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Tuesday's United States election brings a wave of emotions to investors, not the least of which is relief. As Jeff Miller noted in his weekly article, "For several weeks there has been a sense of an impending inflection point... The political season has created deferred decisions."

Putting political leanings aside, this protracted election cycle has kept cash on the sidelines, and presuming a clear winner emerges later this evening, at least one cloud of uncertainty will be removed from the broad markets, so watch the S&P 500 (NYSEARCA:SPY). But remember, Greece has its own election Wednesday, and as David Fry notes in Election Tension: "The country only has enough money for one week. Further, there has been no agreement on austerity with the troika allowing for more aid." So perhaps that relief will be fleeting...

So as Americans vote, and the investment world waits, take time to review what Seeking Alpha contributors have shared in preparation for the results. We cover the gamut on our elections page, from stocks to win with each candidate to broader market volatility expectations. Enjoy, and if you comment, keep it civil. Politics is not bloodsport.

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