Conference Call Highlights: Tyson Foods on Demand for Meat Products in China (TSN)

| About: Tyson Foods (TSN)
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From Tyson's (NYSE:TSN) Q2 2006 earnings conference call:

Greg W. Lee - Chief Administrative Officer and International President

In China our domestic sales volumes to both the food service and retail channels returned to levels that are equal to those experienced before China’s winter avian influenza outbreaks. We continue to work to expand our presence in the retail channel by adding more outlets in the modern grocery industry. We are in advanced discussions with a leading local poultry company for the establishment of a joint venture.

Are we are selling products to China? Yes, ma’am we are selling products to China. We don’t — that is not a primary destination for leg quarters, but we have in fact been selling leg quarters in to China as well as other cuts like wing tips and chicken paws and a few other items.

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