Tuesday Pre-Market Notes By Stock Ticker

by: Jon Ogg

Via News Contrast:

(NASDAQ:AAPL) Apple renewed contracts with Vivendi SA’s Universal, Warner, EMI and Sony-BMG to offer songs through iTunes for $0.99 each.
(NYSE:ADM) Archer Daniels Midland trading up $1 pre-market; EPS $0.53 vs $0.46.
(NYSE:AKN) Akorn $0.04?R$30M vs $0.08/$32M(e).
(NYSEMKT:ALO) Alpharma $0.37 EPS vs $0.34e; reaffirmed 2006 guidance.
(NASDAQ:ARRY) Array Biopharma -$0.24/R$11.7M vs -$0.28/$10.5M(e).
(OTCPK:AWGI) Alderwoods $0.11 EPS after chjarges versus $0.26e; earnings may not be comparable.
(NASDAQ:BABY) NAtus Medical $0.07 EPS vs $0.08e.
(NYSE:BGC) General Cable $0.41 EPS vs $0.27e.
(NASDAQ:BOBE) Bob Evans Farms names Steven Davis as new CEO.
(NASDAQ:BOOT) LaCrosse Footwear $0.06 EPS vs $0.06e.
(BWNG) Broadwing scored Jingle Networks as primary telecom provider; supposed to have 3M unique users; -$0.26 EPS & R$224M; stock down 4% pre-market.
(CANI) Carreker $0.12/R$30.1M vs $0.05/$28.25M(e).
(NASDAQ:CEPH) Cephalon gets FDA APPROVABLE letter for Nuvigil for the treatment of excessive sleepiness associated with narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea/hypopnea syndrome and shift work sleep disorder contingent upon finalizing the product label.
(NYSE:CHK) Chesapeake Energy $1.07 EPS vs $0.99e.
(NASDAQ:CHTR) Charter Communications -$1.45/R$1.37B vs -$0.83/$1.35B(e); unclear if charges.
(NASDAQ:CMVT) Comverse Tech's 3 top executives quitting leaving yesterday was noted in the WSJ today.
(CMX) Caremark $0.51 EPS vs $0.50e.
(CRE) Carr America $0.61 FFO vs $0.65e.
(NASDAQ:CVCO) Cavco Industries $0.62 EPS vs $0.55e.
(NASDAQ:CYBX) Cyberonics raised revenue projections.
(DCGN) deCODE Genetics -$0.37/R$10.1M vs -$0.35/$9M(e).
(NASDAQ:DLLR) Dollar Financial $0.45 EPS vs $0.37e.
(NYSE:DUK) Duke Energy $0.48 EPS vs $0.49e.
(DVSA) Diversa -$0.47/R$9.5M; revenues look under plan but thinly covered.
(NASDAQ:EDMC) Education Management $0.52 EPS vs $0.48e.
(NYSE:EMR) Emerson $1.05 EPS vs $1.00e.
(NYSE:ENH) Endurance Specialty $1.45 EPS vs $1.35e.
(NASDAQ:EPAY) Bottomline Tech $0.05 vs $0.09e.
(NYSE:FPL) Florida Power $0.58 EPS vs $0.49e.
(NYSE:FCN) FTI Consulting $0.31 EPS vs $0.31e.
(FLYR) Navigant $0.21 EPS vs $0.18e.
(FSH) Fisher Scientific $0.81 EPS vs $0.83e.
(NYSE:FUN) Cedar Fair -$0.49 EPS vs -$0.46e.
(NYSE:GAS) Nicor $0.94 EPS vs $0.93e.
(NYSE:GHL) Greenhill registered 4M shares for sale for shareholder(s).
(NYSE:GPI) Group 1 Automotive $0.91 EPS vs $0.69e; 2006 EPS look ahead but revenues may be light; need to confirm to see if comparable.
(NYSE:HOV) Hovnanian issued another earnings warning and the stock fell 5% after-hours.
(NYSE:HRS) Harris $0.58 EPS vs $0.55e.
(NASDAQ:HSII) Heidrick & Struggles $0.30 EPS vs $0.40e.
(IACI) IAC/Interactive $0.31/R$1.55B vs $0.28/$1.545B(e).
(NASDAQ:INTC) Intel investing $1B in emerging markets according to WSJ.
(NASDAQ:INTX) Intersections $0.20 EPS vs $0.18e.
(NYSE:IRM) Iron Mountain $0.21 EPS vs $0.21e.
(NASDAQ:IVAC) Intevac $0.32/R$49.6M vs $0.23/$39.25M(e).
(NYSE:JOE) St. Joe $0.05 vs $0.27e; lowered guidance on soft propert sales.
(KNXA) Kanexa $0.17/R$23M EPS vs $0.16e/$21.5M(e).
(KRON) Kronos promoted CFO from internally.
(NYSE:MAS) Masco $0.53 EPS vs $0.46e.
(NYSE:MLM) Martin Marietta $0.66 EPS vs $0.56e.
(NASDAQ:MPWR) Monolithic Power $0.07/R$24.8M vs $0.04/$24.5M(e), sees next quarter revenues light.
(NASDAQ:MYGN) Myriad Genetics -$0.24/R$29.8M vs -$0.25/$28.2M(e).
(NCOG) NCO Group $0.32 EPS vs $0.19e; but revenues look light.
(NYSE:NLY) Annaly Mortgage $0.16 EPS vs $0.17e.
(NTMD) Nitromed -$0.31/R$13.1M vs -$0.29/$20.75M(e).
(NYSE:OFC) Corp Offc $0.49 FFO vs $0.49e.
(NYSE:OSK) Oshkosh Trucking $0.67 EPS vs $0.65e.
(NYSE:OXM) Oxford Industries agreed to sell Womenswear Group for about $37M plus an additional $30M later.
(NYSE:PFGC) Performance Food Group $0.16 EPS vs $0.13e.
(NYSE:PKY) Parkway Properties $0.94 FFO vs $0.97e.
(NASDAQ:PLAY) Portal Player $0.40/R$72.3M vs $0.32/$72.8M(e); issued earnings and revenue warning next quarter; down another 6% after-hours.
(NYSE:PSB) PS Business Parks $0.92 FFO vs $0.88e.
(NASDAQ:RRD) R.R.Donnelly $0.57 EPS vs $0.57e.
(OTC:SAFC) Safeco $1.69 EPS vs $1.37e.
(NASDAQ:SGMO) Sangamo BioSciences -$0.09 vs $-0.11e; basicall non-revenue company.
(NASDAQ:SHLD) Sears Holdings said a recent letter sent by speculators and arbitrageures to the Ontario Securities Commission is baseless and misleading from mis-information.
(NASDAQ:SHOO) Steven Madden $0.74 EPS vs $0.73e.
(NASDAQ:SIRI) Sirius -$0.33/R$126.7M vs -$0.37/$126M(e); stock up 5% pre-market.
(NASDAQ:SNDA) Shanda Interactive down 1% after its CFO resigned to pursue other opportunities and interests and a replacement was named.
(SPC) Spectrum Brands $0.01 EPS vs $0.03e; sees 2006 EPS slightly under plan but revenues look in-line.
(NYSE:SRX) SRA International $0.26 EPS vs $0.26e.
(STA) St. Paul Travellers $1.41 EPS vs $1.29e.
(NASDAQ:SYNM) Syntroleum -$0.23 EPS vs -$0.22e.
(NASDAQ:TACT) Transact $0.11 EPS vs $0.07e.
(NYSE:TBL) Timberland $0.45 EPS vs $0.45e.
(TSRA) Tessera $0.14/R$23.7M vs $0.15/$23.2M(e).
(NASDAQ:TXRH) Texas Roadhouse $0.16 EPS vs $0.11e; stock down 2% on not higher guidance.
(TUG) Maritrans $0.48 EPS vs $0.38e.
(TXU) TXU Corp $1.09 EPS vs $1.08e.
(NASDAQ:ULBI) Ultralife Batteries is paying $25M to acquire private company McDowell Research.
(NASDAQ:UTHR) United Therapeutics $0.43 EPS vs $0.49e; stock down 5%.
(NYSE:VC) Visteon posted a gain instead of losses but unclear if numbers are comparable on benefits and charges.
(NASDAQ:VICL) Vical shares up 20% pre-market on news that its bird flu (avian flu) vaccine was effective in rodents; also reported earnings.
(NYSE:VZ) Verizon $0.60 EPS vs $0.59e; R$22.7B vs $23.03B(e).
(NYSE:WRI) Weingarten Realty $0.72 FFO vs $0.69e.

ALJ raised to Neutral at JPMorgan.
ARG cut to Hold at BB&T.
CBL cut to Neutral at JPMorgan.
CRM reitr Buy and raised tgt to $42 at Merrill Lynch.
GOOG maintained outperform at Bear Stearns w/ $525 tgt.
KNXA cut to Neutral at Cowen.
LEH cut to Mkt Perform at Wachovia.
LOJN started as Overweight at JPMorgan.
LVLT raised to Peer Perform at Thomas Weisel.
MSO started as Underweight at MSDW.
NXG cut to Neutral at Merrill Lynch.
QCOM miantained outperform at Cowen.
RMK cut to Neutral at Baird.
TEC started as Buy at AGEdwards.
TONE started as Accumulate at Brean Murray.
TRLG reitr Strong Buy at Brean Murray.
WFMI started as Outperform at Thomas Weisel.

Cramer's "Mad Money" positive on ethanol plays like MGP (NASDAQ:MGPI) as a pure-play and as Union Pacific as the transportation instrument that takes ethanol from the Midwest to California; and he noted Anderson's (NASDAQ:ANDE) positively too. He said Burlington Northern (BNI) also does this but UNP is the best. In alternative energy for autos he still likes Toyota Motor (NYSE:TM); and he noted Hoku (HOKU) as being invloved but he said it already made its run and he is staying away. Positive on BHP (NYSE:BHP). In the Discussion ROund he noted Archer Daniels Midland (ADM) as a buy after it sells off after earnings, and interviewed the CEO of American Standard (ASD) and said it was a Buy. In the LIGHTNING ROUND he was Positive on Raytheon (NYSE:RTN), Flextronics (NASDAQ:FLEX), Agilent (NYSE:A), Redhat (RHAT), Goldman (NYSE:GS), Ceradyne (CRDN), Chartered (CHRT), Informatica (NASDAQ:INFA), Home Depot (NYSE:HD), First Data (NYSE:FDC), and Oshkosh (OSK); and was Negative on Sanmina (NASDAQ:SANM), Va Software (LNUX), and Evergreen (ESLR).

10:00 AM EST Pending Home Sales for March.
US Auto Sales released today from Big 3.