World Equity Market Declines: -$25.9 Trillion

Includes: ACWI, EFA
by: Bespoke Investment Group

Here's one to take home with you tonight, although it might make it tough to keep your dinner down.  Since last October, the value of stocks worldwide has fallen 41%, or $25.9 trillion.  As shown in the chart below, Bloomberg's World Market Cap index has fallen from $62.5 trillion at its peak on October 31st, 2007 to its current level of $36.6 trillion. 

On an individual country basis, the US has lost by far the most at nearly $7 trillion.  China ranks second at -$1.77 trillion, followed by the UK (-$1.72 trillion), Japan (-$1.54 trillion), and Hong Kong (-$1.47 trillion). 

$25.9 trillion -- gone.

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