Ed Wijaranakula
Fundamentals Aside, Two More Fed Rate Hikes Could Send Brent Crude Prices To The $80 Per Barrel Level And The Fed May Not Even Be Aware Of It
Crude Oil Prices Could Pull Back As Geopolitical Risks Recede While U.S. Crude Production Is At A Record Level, Surpassing Saudi Arabia
Things Could Get Rocky For The PHLX SOX Index As Worldwide Semiconductor Sales Growth Begins To Slow
Micron Shares Sold-Off After Their FQ2 2018 Earnings Announcement On Concerns About Memory Chip Prices And Crypto-Mining
The Hepatitis C Drug Market Could Collapse If HHS Authorizes The Use Of 28 U.S. Code § 1498
Robert Mueller's Friday News Dump Wiped Out $200 Billion Of S&P 500 Gains But A Technical Fallout Could Derail A Rebound Next Week
Concerns About Regeneron's Eylea Sales And Novartis' Brolucizumab Or Roche's RG7716 Eye Drugs Are Exaggerated
Concerns About Celgene's Otezla Sales And Geron's Myelofibrosis Drug Are Overblown
S&P 500 Hits Another All-Time High This Week, As The Yield Of The 2-Year U.S. Treasury Note Is At A 9-Year High
Nvidia's Q3 Fiscal 2018 Earnings Report May Confirm That The Semiconductor Sector Is Heading For A Slowdown
U.S. Dollar Index Craters As Corporate Tax Cuts Could Be Delayed Until 2019
S&P 500 Closed Down Slightly For The Week As Comey's Testimony Did Not Hold Water, While Goldman Said Tech Stocks Are Expensive
Buying Google At $1000 Could Be A Mistake As The Stock May Turn Into Dead Money In The Next 12 Months
S&P 500 Crashes, But Recoups Almost All Of Its Losses For The Week, After American Media Spooks The Market With Rumors About Trump
S&P 500 Closes At Record High Despite A Plunge In Total Nonfarm Payrolls Growth
Crude Oil Price Downside Risks Persist As U.S. Production And Exports Are On The Rise
S&P 500 Sinks Amid Weak U.S. Economic Data And Rising Geopolitical Tensions While The Trump Trade Is Now Gone
OPEC Will Soon Find Out Whether Their 1.8 MMBPD Production Cut Was A Good Or Bad Idea
S&P 500 Continues To Wobble As Disappointing U.S. Economic Data Starts Piling Up
Traders Ran Up The Energy Sector, Ignoring Warnings About Further Rate Hikes As Dollar Bulls May Be The Only Ones Listening To Fed Officials Right Now
S&P 500 Sold Off On Doubts That Anything Can Get Done In Washington D.C.
S&P 500 Posted A Small Gain For The Week Despite A Fed Rate Hike And Quadruple Witching
S&P 500 Pulls Back As Crude Oil And U.S. Dollar Are In Trouble
S&P 500 Rally Continues Despite Bond Market Signaling Fed Rate Hike Cycle Could End Up Badly
2016 Became The Worst U.S. Economic Year Since The Great Recession Despite A Whole Bunch Of Beans
S&P 500 Rally Continues As The Market Seems To Be Very Confident That The Fed Funds Rate Will Not Be Raised “Fairly Soon”
S&P 500 Index Closed At All-Time High Despite Rate Hike Warnings From Yellen
S&P 500 Index Surges To All-Time High As Trump Vows “Phenomenal” Tax Announcement
S&P 500 Index Taken On A Trump Roller Coaster Ride While The FOMC Meeting And NFP Report Took A Back Seat
Short Positions In U.S. Crude Oil Futures Held By Producers Or Merchants At Near Record Level
Senate Democrats' $1 Trillion Infrastructure Bill Drove The S&P 500 Across The 2,300 Mark While U.S. Economy May Start Sputtering Again
S&P 500 Continues To Wobble As Trump And Yellen On A Dollar Collision Course