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Laredo Petroleum: Leech Package Underperformance Trims Its Value
Berry Corporation: Working Capital Changes To Have Less Impact On Q2 Dividends
Obsidian Energy: Addresses Near-Term Debt Maturities
Black Stone Minerals: Distributable Cash Flow May Exceed $500 Million In 2023
Dorchester Minerals: Strong Production Growth Enhances Its Value
Gulfport Energy: Increased $200 Million Share Repurchase Program
Meta Materials: Equity Offering Gives It Funding Into 2023
Ring Energy: Rising Interest Rates Shouldn't Be A Major Issue
Denbury Resources: Carbon Solutions Business May Provide Significant Upside
SM Energy: Debt Reduction Plans Progressing Well
Continental Resources: Assessing Its Value After Harold Hamm's $70 Per Share Offer
Callon Petroleum May Be Able To Generate $2 Billion In Positive Cash Flow By The End Of 2023
Northern Oil & Gas Makes A $170 Million Williston Basin Acquisition
LL Flooring Holdings: May Have Longer-Term Value Despite Currently Facing Margin Pressure
Antero Resources: A Huge Amount Of Near-Term Cash Flow Generation Potential
Obsidian Energy: Increased Production Volumes From Heavy Oil And Viking Wells
Northern Dynasty Minerals: EPA Proposes To Veto Pebble Mine
Wayfair: A Return To Negative Adjusted EBITDA And Free Cash Flow
Battalion Oil: Acid Gas Treatment JV Helps Improve Its Cost Structure
SilverBow May Be Able To Significantly Grow Production While Eliminating Debt Over Next 2 Years
Kimbell Royalty Partners: Estimated $2.80 Per Unit In Distributable Cash Flow For 2022 And 2023
Oasis Petroleum And Whiting Petroleum Head Towards Their Merger
Ranger Oil: Bolt-On Acquisitions Add To Its Production
Berry Corporation: Benefiting From Strong Commodity Prices Despite Energy Operating Cost Pressure
Comstock Resources: May Reduce Its Net Debt To Under $300 Million By End Of 2023
Pioneer Natural Resources: Appears Fairly Priced For Long-Term Mid-$70s WTI Oil
Empire Petroleum Appears Significantly Overvalued At Its Current Share Price
Taseko Mines: Production Costs Increase At Gibraltar, But Hedges Should Protect Cash Flow
PDC Energy: May Be Able To Reduce Share Count By Over 15% In 2022
Ring Energy: Faster Debt Reduction Expected In 2023
Meta Materials: Solid Revenue Growth Along With Substantial Cash Burn
Northern Oil and Gas Expects To Increase Its Quarterly Dividend To $0.25 For Q3 2022
SandRidge Energy: Strong Natural Gas Prices May Get It To $300 Million In Net Cash By End Of 2022
Centennial Resource Development: On Track To Eliminate Net Debt In 2023 While Growing Oil Production
Laredo Petroleum: Significant Upside Potential As It Pays Down Its Debt
Callon Petroleum: May Be Able To Reduce Its Net Debt By 60% Over Next 2 Years
AMC Entertainment: Looking Around For Other Ideas As Its Core Business Struggles
Baytex Energy: 2022 Projected Positive Cash Flow Increases To More Than $700 Million
Blueknight Energy Partners Is Being Acquired By Ergon
Falcon Minerals: Nearing Its Merger With Desert Peak Minerals