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VOE: Mid-Cap Value Stocks Are Underpriced But Poorly Positioned
XRT: Retail Stocks Are Undervalued But Face Macro Headwinds
DVYE: Emerging Market Dividend Stocks Remain Undervalued
VBK: Small Cap Growth Stocks Are Not Overvalued But Poorly Positioned
XSD: U.S. Semiconductor Stocks Still Offer Opportunity And Potential Returns Of Over 10%
VXF: A Diversified ETF With An Expensive Price And Poor Cyclical Positioning
XAR: Aerospace And Defense Companies Are Probably Overvalued
VFH: Financials Stocks Are Not Expensive But Poorly Positioned Cyclically
IWN: Small-Cap Value Stocks Are Probably Fairly Valued And Not Well Positioned
EWY: South Korean Equities Are Likely Undervalued But Cyclically Out Of Favor
KRE: Regional Banking Stocks Are Still Undervalued
VOE: Mid-Cap Value Stocks Offer Outperformance Potential
ILF: Latin American Stocks Offer Promising Returns At Present Prices
XSD: Semiconductor Stocks Are Probably Safely Undervalued
VNM: Vietnamese Stocks Are Probably Undervalued
KSA: Saudi Arabian Stocks Still Offer Good Potential Returns In 2022
XAR: Aerospace And Defense Stocks Are Likely To Disappoint
EWT: Taiwanese Stocks Look Inexpensive But Political Risk Premium Will Likely Remain
AOR: Fairly Valued But Not A Great Diversified Amidst Global Inflationary Pressures
MXI: Materials Stocks Offer High Returns, Especially If A Near-Term Recession Is Avoided
IYT: Transportation Stocks Are No Longer Expensive But A Neutral Stance Is Warranted
IXC: Oil And Gas Stocks Are Probably Trading At Fair Value Although Further Upside Is Possible
IXUS: Non-U.S. Equities Appear Undervalued After Recent Market Sell-Off
EWY: South Korean Equities Are Cheap In 2022
IJH: Mid-Cap Stocks Are Priced For Uncertainty But Probably Undervalued
EWW: Mexican Equities Are Probably Fairly Valued
VEGI: Agriculture Stocks Are Undervalued Even After Strong Post-Pandemic Performance
IUSV: Value Stocks Offer Implicitly High Returns In 2022
IXN: Global Technology Stocks Offer Upside Potential At Present Prices
RING: Gold Mining Companies Are Probably Fairly Valued
IVW: Growth Stocks Will Probably Do Well, But Uncertainty Is Still High
EPOL: Polish Equities Could Perform Well From Present Prices, But Outcomes Are Unpredictable
IYE: Energy Stocks Are Probably Overvalued
ITOT: Strong Potential Returns In 2022
SPDR S&P Health Care Equipment ETF Remains Overvalued Despite Recent Declines
ACWI: A Global Diversified Equity ETF That Offers Plenty Of Upside Potential
EWG: German Stocks Offer Reasonable Returns Of Over 9%
IFRA: Infrastructure Stocks Are Modestly Undervalued
PICK: Metals And Mining Stocks Remain Undervalued Even With Recession Concerns
IDV: International Dividend Stocks Are Undervalued