• Larry Harnar
    Update to the dividend income portfolio for July 1st 2013: http://bit.ly/10uF715 Trades:$ACET $ADM $GES $KSS $MSFT $LNCOQ $AHT $BBL
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    • DAG Investments: Did you sell out $ACET for any reason besides wanting to take profits or raise cash? Just curious since I'm looking to buy for long term.
    • Larry Harnar: Needed to sell to raise cash for another investment opportunity. I like $ACET long term, and would add again on a price correction.
    • DAG Investments: Good to know, thanks. If you're ever inclined to include your thoughts about it in an SA article, that would be appreciated ...
    • DAG Investments: ... lack of enough variety of opinions is often one of the biggest deterrents to investing in great small companies.