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Immunomedics: 35-Year History Of Failure, IMMU-132 Will Not Receive Accelerated Approval, 100% Downside Possible
Akoustis: Strong Sell On Product Obsolescence, Paid Stock Promoters, And Ex-Gottbetter Team Involvement, 96% Downside
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Innovation Pharmaceuticals (Cellceutix): Still Hopeless, Still Worthless
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Abeona Director Implicated In 'Pump And Dump' Lawsuit With SEC Investigation, Price Target Of Zero
AveXis: More Excuses And More Delay, While Superior Competing Drug Receives Approval For Shipment Next Week
Abeona: Stock Promotions, Fraud Convictions, And Demonstrably Unviable Science - A Sell With 92% Downside
AveXis's House Of Cards: Dubious Trials, Drug Lawsuit And Fraud Allegations - Strong Sell With 94% Downside
Workhorse: Strong Sell On Insolvency, Failed USPS Bid, Unviable Products, New Price Target Lowered To $0.00 For 100% Downside
Workhorse Group: Paid Stock Promotion, Financing Partner Expelled From FINRA, Insurmountable Competition, 90%+ Downside
MediciNova: CEO Faces Undisclosed Illegal Kickback Lawsuit, Failed Science, Perplexing Related Party Transactions, -84% Downside
Ocata: Dilution Imminent, SEC Investigation Potentially Underway, Office Appears Empty, Price Target $0.00
Digital Turbine: Rush For The Exits Creates Liquidity Crisis, Enduring Overhang
Digital Turbine: Strong Sell - Ties To Stock Manipulators, Obsolete Technology, Massive Lock-Up Expiration Just Days Away
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