Sharedata Futures
Contributor since: 2012
Company: Sharedata futures, inc.
NG Weekly: Last Week's Low Holds As Rotation Higher Developed Within The Multi-Month Balance
WTI Weekly: Last Week's Breakout Holds As The Rally Continued To 34.66s
XLE Weekly: The Relief Rally Continued To 39.63s, Testing Key Resistance
XLU Weekly: A Grind Lower As The Correction Continued To 53.66s From April's Relief Rally High
XLK Weekly: Relief Rally Continued Higher To 96.07s Early Week Before Pullback To Key Support
XLF Weekly: Key Resistance Held Early Week As The Correction From The April High Continues
XLE Weekly: Last Week's Resistance Holds As Pullback Ensued To 34.30s
NG Weekly: Key Support Failed Early Week As The Selloff Continued Toward Major Support
WTI Weekly: Balance Early Week Amidst The 'New Roll' Before The Rally Resumed To 29.78s
GDX Weekly: The Rally Continued Following The Breakout Above 4-Year Highs
XLK Weekly: Relief Rally Continues Toward The Major February Breakdown Area, 94.59s
XLF Weekly: Balance Above Key Support Following Last Week's Relief Rally High
XLE Weekly: Re-Test Of Key Resistance Holds As Relief Rally Stalls
NG Weekly: The Initial Rally From The March Low Ends Near Major Resistance
WTI Weekly: Key Support Holds As The Rally Continued To 26.74s
GDX Weekly: Balance Early Week Before A Failed Breakdown Through Key Support
XLU Weekly: Rally Early Week Toward Key Resistance Where A Sell Response Drove Price Lower To Test Key Support
XLK Weekly: The Relief Rally From The March Low Stalls At 92.14s, Look Out Below
XLF Weekly: Key Support Held Early Week Before Re-Test Of March's Key Breakdown Area Failed
NG Weekly: Pullback To Key Support Early Week Before Minor Probe Higher To 2.02s
WTI Weekly: Pullback Early Week Toward Key Support Before Rally Phase Ensued Toward April's Key Breakdown Area
XLU Weekly: Correction Early Week To 56.64s Before Balance Ensued
XLK Weekly: Pullback From The Current Relief Rally High
XLF Weekly: The Pullback Resumed, Testing Key Support
XLE Weekly: Rally To 35.34s Within Balance Near Key Supply
NG Weekly: The Rally Continued To 1.98s Within Key Supply
WTI Weekly: Financialization Strikes Again As Historic Collapse Unfolds To 6.50s Where Major Support Formed
NG Weekly: Key Support Holds Amidst Balance
WTI Weekly: Key Support Failed Early Week As A Pullback Tested Major Support
XLK Weekly: Following Last Week's Pullback, The Relief Rally Continued To 86.68s
XLF Weekly: Relief Rally Continued Into Key Supply Overhead
XLE Weekly: Breakout Early Week As Rally Continued To 36.46s