Tomas Andrade Campanini
Contributor since: 2021
Hibbett Is Expensive For Its Operational Risk
MIND C.T.I. Is Now More Reasonably Priced But Still Has Risk
RF Industries Is Improving But Still Expensive
Senstar Is Still Expensive
Sportsman's Warehouse Has Efficiency Problems
Smith-Midland Is A Good Company But It Is Extremely Overvalued
Lakeland Industries Is A Little Too Expensive
Crown Crafts Can Likely Resist A Recession And Trades At Value Price
Express Is Suffering But May Recover
Amtech Systems Is Expensive Even For Speculators
Ultrapar Likely Has No Margin Of Safety And Should Deleverage
Arhaus Is A Good Company But It Is Too Risky
Flanigan's Is Still Expensive And Not Growing
FlexShopper Is An Interesting Business But Currently Overvalued
ASAP Is Still An Easy Pass
Orion Energy Systems Needs To Improve Its SG&A Expenses
Andina Is Trading In The Value Zone
Gol Is Still Risky And Overpriced
Azul Is Still Too Risky And Overpriced
EuroDry Is Much Better Priced Than Euroseas With Better Perspectives
Euroseas Is Priced For A Very Optimist Scenario In A Super-Cyclical Industry
Friedman Is Difficult To Value With So Much Change
Flexible Solutions Is Acquiring Lygos But It Is Not An Opportunity
Koppers Holdings Is A Value Trap
EchoStar: Pricey Compared To Growth Potential But Not To Potential EPS
OneSpan Is Undergoing Changes And May Become Interesting In Future Quarters
Broadmark Realty Is Reasonably Priced, Even With A Lower Dividend
Manhattan Bridge Offers An 8% Yield If You Can Handle The Risk
Vinci Partners Holds Against Higher Interest Rates And Is A Buy
Wait For The Proxy Statement Before Considering Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory
Arcos Dorados Is Recovering And A Speculative Buy Only
Bladex Is Even Cheaper Than Last Year
Loma Negra Is Fairly Valued At Current Prices
Inuvo Is Still A Wait
MamaMancini's Price Fell, But Fundamentals Also Deteriorated
Cementos Pacasmayo Seems Cheap, But Only On Record Earnings
The Starrett Company Is Selling At A Discount Because Of Its Underfunded Pension Plan
Flexible Solutions International Is Growing But Overpriced For Its Risk
Bioceres Has Not Resolved Its Major Risks And Is Growing Based On Commodities Bullishness
Inuvo Is An Interesting Company But Needs Some Improvements