Hidden Dividend Stocks Plus

Target 5-10% yields backed by solid earnings for better portfolio income.

Hidden Dividend Stocks Plus helps you find dividend ideas with a target of 5-10% annual yields. It sounds like a stretch in today's market - can you get high yields without sacrificing quality?

We do it, and we do so by focusing on companies with solid earnings that are less followed. This extra effort and a steady approach to our investing leads to a more predictable dividend stream for our members without putting our portfolios at undue risk. Does this sound like something you might like?

What Do I Get With Hidden Dividend Stocks Plus?

  • A portfolio monitor so you can track the ~25-40 stocks we hold at any given time. This includes a maximum buy price, dividend coverage, links to our original analysis, and performance tracking.
  • A dividend calendar to track when portfolio companies are receiving dividends, whether they are on a quarterly, monthly, or semi-annual schedule.
  • Exclusive ideas that fill our portfolio, as well as updates and follow-up coverage through to the point where a stock leaves our portfolio
  • Trade alerts and chat room discussion to stay on top of the latest ideas and take advantage of opportunities

What's It Like To Be An HDS+ Member?

My investment strategy focuses on low beta stocks that are overlooked by the market. I stress solid dividend coverage, and have a diverse portfolio both in terms of the sectors that make up the portfolio and where I look for ideas - US stocks, preferred stocks, closed end funds, and foreign stocks (though with US OTC listings so investors there can trade them). All of my ideas are built on deep research and thorough analysis.

I stress looking for attractive yields but avoiding risk. This can work in tough markets.

It's a big world out there, with ways for you to profit and earn income from solid undercovered and undervalued income vehicles, and special situations that can bring you hidden profits. That's what we focus on in Hidden Dividend Stocks Plus. Our members are focused on dividend stocks that have value left in them, even if that means going further afield to find them.

Double Dividend Stocks' Background

I lead Hidden Dividend Stocks Plus as well as a service off of Seeking Alpha. I have an MBA and am a Registered Investment Advisor Representative.

TipRanks rates DoubleDividendStocks in the Top 25 of all financial bloggers based on pick performance, and I am consistently in the top 5 on Seeking Alpha for most read dividend ideas. You can also see the full reviews for Hidden Dividend Stocks Plus site below. Here's our 'worst' review so far, for example:

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We're finding new dividend ideas for the HDS+ portfolio and staying on top of the ones already in the portfolio. If you're an investor looking for steadier yields that don't require you to sacrifice value, this is the home for you.

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