REIT Investing The Right Way

I’m Brad Thomas and I love real estate.

You probably already know that if you’re on this page. I write about REITs and real estate investing on Seeking Alpha almost every day, so I hope I’ve been able to help you in your investing so far.

There’s only so much I can do in public articles, though. On Intelligent REIT Investor, I’m able to go much further to help investors invest smarter in the Real estate space. My aim is to show you how to do REIT Investing The Right Way.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Investing has become very popular over the past decade. That also means there are a lot of people out there telling you what and how you should invest in REITs. The goal of Intelligent REIT Investor is to help you stay ahead of the pack and protect and grow your investment capital. Here’s how we do it:

  • Model portfolios - Intelligent REIT Investor offers members six model portfolios to draw their investing ideas from. I have portfolios ranging from the KISS portfolio to the Monthly Dividend Portfolio, the Average Joe Portfolio to the Davos Portfolio, all to help you find the best approach for your REIT investing style.

  • Industry wide data - IRI Members have exclusive access to my sector breakdown, the earnings calendar tracker, a REIT ETF tracker, a market snapshot, and a market cap ranking of all stocks in the sector. This is all the data I look at, and I share it with members so that you have the information in your hands to make the best decisions.

  • An early look - Members get a first look at most of my individual REIT coverage, before it is released to Seeking Alpha, so you can stay ahead of the crowd and get my work before anyone else.

  • Exclusive posts - You get my Weekender, my Monday motivator, and my monthly newsletter. These are only available to IRI members and help you stay on track with all the latest news and context you need in the fast moving real estate industry.

  • An active chat room and guest posts - Our chat room features posts from me and my colleagues Rubicon Associates and Noah Blacker, providing you all of the latest REIT related news over the course of a market day. IRI members are never caught off guard by the news.

I’ve maintained a monthly newsletter for a long time, and have been featured in Forbes Magazine, Kiplinger’s, US News & World Report, Money, NPR, Institutional Investor, GlobeStreet, CNN, Newsmax, Fox, and Fox Business. I’ve been fortunate to build one of the most followed accounts on Seeking Alpha - over 47K followers! - and have written two books about real estate investing.

I’m putting all that into Intelligent REIT Investor. In case you’re not sure, have a look at what our members are saying:

As legendary investor Ben Graham, author of The Intelligent Investor, says, “You are right because your data and reasoning are right.” Intelligent REIT Investor shares all the data I use in my investing with you so we can get the reasoning right and make the right investments. This is all about REIT Investing the Right Way

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