In-depth insights from an expert on the aerospace and airline industries

We believe that some industries require thorough expertise coverage in order to gain understanding of the industry and successfully invest in it. The AeroAnalysis premium service provides that, where we go a step further in our research and share those details with our subscribers. 

The AeroAnalysis premium service has a strong history of providing pick that outperform the large cap, high growth benchmark but our picks are not just limited to our field of expertise.

The subscription includes:

  • Research: We provide research on product level all the way up to market level.
  • Analysis: Stocks, aerospace market and commercial aircraft.
  • Invest: We do the research and analysis and put the names in our high growth portfolio.
  • Early-looks: Breaking news? Our premium subscribers are given early looks.
  • Live Chat: Nothing is as valuable as having the opportunity to discuss views and ideas. The Live Chat goes a step further than the comment section offering you direct access ask any questions you might have.
  • Paywalled reports: Regular reports are paywalled after 10 days, premium subscribers will continue to have free access to our paywalled pieces. At this point roughly 700 reports are being paywalled, but subscribers get free access to these reports.
  • Case studies: From time to time AeroAnalysis provides extensive reports on products, which are freely available to premium subscribers via a convenient process.

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The AeroAnalysis premium service gives a unique insight in the aerospace industry, but also does not fail to point out market outperforming opportunities in other sectors.