Beyond The Hype

Solar, wind, tech, & storage industry analysis that goes against the grain.

Beyond The Hype: Where emerging technology and truth converge.

Beyond The Hype is a leading and comprehensive emerging technology stock analysis and discussion service. Currently, we focus on renewable energy, storage, EV, and autonomous vehicle industries. The segment focused service is dedicated to identifying and investing in emerging technologies.

The service stands apart by focusing on the entire supply chain and cutting through management and Wall Street commentary and providing fresh and insightful perspectives.


• Seeking Alpha's unconditional money-back guarantee.

• Timely, news driven, long and short trading ideas.

• Actionable insights on the rapidly changing emerging technology segments such as renewable energy, storage, EV, and autonomous vehicle industries.

• Deep Analysis of various technology intensive renewable energy, electric vehicle, and autonomous vehicle stocks, products, and market cycles.

• Regular stream of articles on major US listed renewable energy stocks.

• Easy to follow picks with forecast portfolio returns in excess of ETFs.

• Portfolio and trading strategies.

• Live Chat where members discuss developing news and actionable trades.

Please feel free to request a two week free trial to evaluate the service (Typically not offered during solar earnings season.)

Why Invest With Me?

I am a mid-market M&A consultant specializing in technology and energy industries. That means I consistently have my finger on the pulse of these markets. I've also been an individual investor for over 25 years. My primary focus in my own investing is growth-oriented investments, primarily in market leaders and technology leaders. My investment philosophy is long-term buy and hold with average holding time of several years. I look deeply up and down the supply chain in the industries I invest in and have a knack for cutting through management and investment banker commentary to suss out the true value of the companies I follow. A lot of my views tend to be controversial for that reason, but at the same time, I am remarkably accurate. See my author profile for specific examples of my past calls and track record. 

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