The Dividend Dog Catcher

Simple, straightforward 7-step analysis that finds lucrative income stocks.

If you like the idea of being paid to own stock. I'm looking forward to providing you with lively dividend dog updates and surprises.

For example, be sure to take a trial and look at the recent "dog of the week" (DOTW) reviewed and updated every weekend. These  dividend stocks are chosen as desirable for any of eight qualities, ranging from dividend yield, to extraordinary financial circumstances. 

Fifty-two  DOTW I stocks have been selected. They completed their one-year cycle Friday August 11, 2017 when the fourth industrial goods sector dog, matured. 

All 52 picks of the DOTW II  portfolio are now posted. Their detail pages were posted as their quarterly anniversaries occurred. The how and when of the coming DOTWII representative selection process is now in place and described. So take a trial and get the details.

DOTWIII The Safari to Sweet Success launched September 8, 2017. We'll be collecting and updating 52 stocks at a one per week pace in the collection until August 31, 2019

Every thirteen weeks a Dog of the quarter (DOTQ) is named. Every 52 weeks a Dog of the Year (DOTY) will emerge. There are celebrations and rewards at the invitational on-line quarterly webinars. Text of the Shindig events are available to you on the site.

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