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What is a price projectionist?

A price projectionist is a technical trader who uses certain events in the chart as markers or triggers for future events.  The trader will than use those markers to assist in a future projection of the under lying stocks price.  As a stock moves through the day, week, month it will make adjustments to those price targets until the price target is reached.

Not all charts point at the same target.  The duration of the chart will also determine the target.  While both hourly and daily charts might be projection foward bearish activity, the weekly chart might be displaying a bullish projection.  The two short term under lying trends would eventually be met before turning around and heading off to meet up with their longer term companion.

Major turning points are marked by a convergence of two or more chart durations.  Such as 30 minute and hourly.  Daily and Weekly.  Complete cycle reversals would be when the monthly, weekly and daily charts converge on one another.

So, for those who are wonder, that is the 30,000 feet view of what a price projectionist is.