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The Trickle-Effect Of Apple Popularity

|Includes: Apple Inc. (AAPL), LPL

The other day I was reading an article about Steve Jobs made a business of being "cool". Just think about this. If you don't have the latest iPad, you are outdated among your business colleagues. If you don't carry the latest iPhone, you are not cool among your friends.

As Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) strives to bring new features every time, people are always ready to shell out more than a thousand bucks to be at the forefront of the fashion bandwagon. And why blame Apple? Even Google's Android phones sell like hot cakes! Although this is my personal opinion, Google's Android phones are much cheaper and more useful than the overhyped, overpriced Apple's.

The latest news is that Apple is looking for bigger screens for the next generation iPhone 4S to be launched next year! Till now, Apple never attempted to change its iPhone screen sizes. It's working with Korea's LG Display Co. (NYSE:LPL) and Japan's Sharp Inc. and Display Inc., all collaborated to provide the ultimate screen size for the next generation iPhone.

Why the increase in size? They say, Samsung's Galaxy S III has a 4.8inch screen, larger than the 4.3inch screen size of the company's current flagship model Galaxy S II. Even Taiwan's HTC Corp, also has models with screen size over 4inches.

Is that a way of competing with the rivals in the smartphone market? Perhaps, but what we are looking at is Apple's sales revenue.

Before we check the sales reports, here's something you must know. Apple's stock price shot up by over 40% in the last six months. That's forty percent! People are pretty much optimistic about Apple's future potential.

The company's net sales improved to $108 billion in 2011, over $65 billion in 2010 and $42 billion in 2009. That's a huge rise in sales revenue in just one year! And if we look closely, iPhone and related accessories and services brought over $47 billion in revenue last year, compared to $25.2 billion in 2010. Needless to say, iPhone and related services sales brings in the maximum revenue, among the other operational segments. Things are getting better by the day for Apple.

But, straying away from the topic, does it mean bigger sales for Apple only? No, of course not. Even a small yet fast-growing company such as Teletouch (OTC:TLLE) shows rise in sales revenue. As a matter of fact, Teletouch sells iPhone related accessories, even for the latest iPhone 4S. Teletouch's revenue increased to $52 million in 2010 from $45.9 million in 2009. And the cellular segment sales, recorded at $28.2 million, accounted for 54.2% of the total revenue. If Apple benefits from bigger sales, so does smaller companies as well.

To sum it up, being cool is good. Sometimes, it can make you money. Sometimes, it can be otherwise. But still, you can always be the "alpha" one among your friends, right?