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OPKO Health And Vitamin D

|Includes: OPKO Health, Inc. (OPK)

Below is the index listed on the LymphomaSurvial website with regard to articles on Vitamin D in their website. Vitamin D3 is the first leg of the Epigenetic life style program for combating Follicular Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma.

I thought I would pass this information along to those who are interested in a more thorough discussion of the benefits, effects and future potential uses of Vitamin D which have not been discussed in the many postings about the vitamin with regard to OPKO Health's Rayaldy.

I am going to direct you to the site and let you sign up (free) and go through the articles that you may have an interest in.

The address is You must sign up to have access to the articles.

I happen to have FNHL and so it is of particular interest to me, but I would propose that anyone would benefit by the "4 pillar" approach to a healthy life style.

I would also postulate that because Vitamin D might more accurately be classified and a steroid rather than a vitamin, the future of Vitamin D may be more important than now is believed and it will be more germane to the benefits of Rayaldy and the testing of Vitamin D levels in the future.

Vitamin D

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  • Low vitamin D levels in fNHL patients found to be "surprisingly strong" prognostic indicators for overall survival (OS) outcomes, Article #10, p. 14; December 2012 Newsletter, p. 6-8
  • "The Sensible Management of Vitamin D", November 2011 Newsletter, p. 13-16
  • Ensuring a year-round optimum level of Vitamin D, Article #7, p. 32-34; Article #3, p. 17-22
  • Using vitamin D as a prognostic indicator of survival, Article #2, p. 22
  • Vitamin D testing information, April 2011 Newsletter, p. 21
  • Clinical research studies on cancer and Vitamin D levels
    • Summary of 2012 vitamin D research study from Norway, "best yet" for associations with overall survival in lymphoma patients, April 2013, p. 10-12
    • Vitamin D found to inhibit the production and function of protein cMyc, which helps to drive cancer cell division, February 2013 Newsletter, p. 6-8
    • Breast cancer researchers find a combination of both sunlight and supplemental vitamin D is most effective in reducing cancer risk, March 2013 Newsletter, p.17-18
    • "Summarizing the latest research", February 2012 Newsletter, p. 10-18
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    • Research shows vitamin D levels declining in general population, March 2012 Newsletter, p. 13-14
    • Study finds pre-transplant deficient levels of Vitamin D have a negative impact on outcomes of allogenetic stem cell transplants, October 2012 Newsletter, p. 14-17
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  • Vitamin A may limit optimization of Vitamin D, March 2010 Newsletter, p. 14-15
  • Vitamin D and sunlamps, Article #3, p.23
  • Vitamin D and sunscreen, June 2010 Newsletter, p. 18
  • Vitamin D and bathing, February 2010 Newsletter, p. 14
  • Personal comments from Dr. Gabe Mirkin, May 2009 Newsletter, p. 13-14; May 2008 Newsletter, p. 2-6, September 2010 Newsletter, p. 16

Disclosure: I am long OPK.

Additional disclosure: I am a Financial Advisor with positions in OPK for myself and clients. This is not a recommendation for the purchase of the stock but only a Rubric for a discussion on Vitamin D, in which I have a deep interest.