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Hard Assets, Commodities, Raw Arable Land Vs. $US Dollar

|Includes: AND, ECH, EUBK, MSFT, iShares Silver Trust ETF (SLV)

So, nothing lasts forever. Except, maybe the great American $100.00.

Some banks around the world are no longer able to pay their debts:

Witness Cyprus.

Alexander the Great - learned from quite the lineage:

Socrates, Plato, Aristotle, son of Philip of Macedon

Philosophy leads to Science? Leads to Republic? Leads to Truth?

Better the Mind of a Child?

Dad taught me, better child through Quality ApprenticeShip.

U$ Banks ... "Let's see if this rubberband can break?

"What are hard assets worth, anyway. We got the 'Rubber Stamp!'"

MicroSoft ... Think Mr. Bill Gates is buying his own creation, anymore?

The mighty fall.

Hard to battle 315 leading 315M, (Funny, I'm from the home of Bear), What's 7B - 315M? How many leaders are there in the world, anyway?

So, you'd rather collect Monopoly funds than Hard Assets?

A mound of paper is easily burned. How many forest fires started with a single match? Where'd that come from?

Probably some rich dude needed to collect the insurance ransom cause he screwed up and lost his fortune. What was his life's work? Conning people? Maybe, Lots of Folks?

Can I sell you any other BANK OF PAPER?

Position: I own some SVL coins. Call it skepticism. Not selling mine. Probably gotta use 'em for trade, someday.

Hope it ain't someday, soon.

Philo 801, the next generation ...



Disclosure: I am long SLV, ECH, AND.

Additional disclosure: Sometimes, the future tells the whole story.