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EU Set To Harmonize Green Energy Subsidies

We have another opportunity to yet do the right thing for Renewable Energies in Europe. As it turns out Die Presse reported the European Commission plans to regulate and harmonize the various national subsidies to green energy and it will also define an European subsidy structure by 2020. Now this is the perfect opportunity for us to leverage social media outlets to continue to put pressure on policy makers to do right by the Renewable Energy, which has suffered considerably during the economic crisis started in '08; it is a good idea to recall we are still suffering the effects of lower economic activity. It is obvious the EU needs to reign in and establish a common policy, or else national policy variations will continue to create market distortions, and those are negative externalities to the energy markets. We will need to continue to push the debate focusing on the subsidy amounts granted to non-renewable sources - which are multiples of the subsidies the Renewable Energy industry receives today. If we can keep the debate on Euro for Euro metrics we will be able to discuss how many resources we want to invest for the future of energy as opposed to how much money we want to sink into perpetuating an old energy model designed to sustain a high carbon emission solution - which is clearly no longer desirable. Please use your voices to focus this discussion on its merits, and not on what we can afford to let go.

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