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Thanks And Update

I'm excited to be back at writing now after a hiatus. I really have my sites set on picking 15 or so stocks with a five year range in mind and letting the results speak for themselves -- good or bad -- at the end of the day.

My latest article really shocked me at the level of engagement. It has been read twice as many times as my previously most read article. I attribute that to the ticker symbol more than anything. But I also got more new followers than even before. As in an increase of 37% -- which I find humbling. I'll continue to try to earn the privilege of having my work followed.

It was crazy to see three stocks on my watchlist crush earnings in recent days. Buffalo Wild Wings (BWLD), Twitter (TWTR) and First Solar (FSLR) are all making huge run-ups and I'm sad that time prevented me from researching and making a recommendation. Of course, I suppose by the same logic I'm relieved that I hadn't yet recommended Under Armour (UAA), FireEye (FEYE), or DSW (DSW) as they were hammered. 

(Stocks on my watchlist are just that -- stocks I'm watching. A detailed analysis hasn't been done, just a glance over that caught my eye. Stocks on my watchlist such as Planet Fitness (PLNT) and Chipotle Mexican Grill (CMG) often don't make the final cut to recommendation. Just to be clear, there was no guarantee I would have recommended all or any of the stocks from the previous paragraph.)

Meanwhile, my two active recommendations -- Dicks Sporting Goods (DKS) and Habit (HABT) are underperforming. As in...really bad. Atrocious, might be a better word. While I'm not happy about it, I'm glad I have a five year window here. I'd like to hear from my readers if followup articles, and how often, would be appreciated for existing stocks I've covered. 

Stocks I may begin covering in the near term include Ford (F), Twitter, Chuy's (CHUY) and iRobot (IRBT). It all depends on how busy life in the real world is going forward.

Thanks again for those who are showing support by following my work. Even though my audience is small compared to other writers on Seeking Alpha, I don't take it lightly. I realize you could do anything with your time, but you chose to hit the button to read any new stuff I put out. That means a lot and I'll try to keep it going. Until then.

Disclosure: I am/we are long DKS, UAA, DSW, HABT.