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Large US pension asset manager TIAA-CREF plans huge farmland investments

Part of the reason GreenWorld is excited about farmland investing is that large institutional investors are rapidly increasing allocations to agriculture as well.  One of the clearest example of this is the giant US pension fund TIAA-CREF’s move into farmland investing in the last year.  TIAA-CREF manages retirement assets for teachers and the huge fund has allocated $2 billion to farmland investments.  It is increasingly clear that income-growth emerging markets countries increases peoples’ desire for better and more diversified diets, similar to what we in the West take for granted.  Not surprisingly, as we mentioned in one of our previous posts, food prices have been skyrocketing recently.  This makes farmland an excellent way to benefit from global macro trends.  TIAA-CREF has historically been a rather cautious and conservative investor, so for it to allocate such a large amount of dollars to agriculture investments is well worth noting.