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Would Germany Leave Eurozone if ECB Monetizies?

Very interesting article speculating that Germany may leave the Eurozone if the ECB starts monetizing debt of the PIIGS (Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Greece, Spain).  GreenWorld has long felt that the Eurozone is one that is going to drag on and on for years despite possible appearances of solutions. Hence, despite the relief rally in stocks, we continue to recommend that you main a healthy amount of alternative investments in your portfolio like farmland, forestry and other real assets.  Would Germany actually do this, seems more like they would protest loudly than leave; but by the same token, if the ECB did this forcefully and directly over Germany's demand not to, Germany just might well say auf wiedersen.  One must never forget how deeply is the fear of inflation ingrained into the German psyche as a result of the Weimar hyperinflation in 1923.