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Jeremy Grantham Says Farmland Will Outperform Average of all Assets Over the Long-term

Very interesting short article here with comments from Jeremy Grantham of GMO Asset Management. In the article Grantham says “For those with a long horizon, I am sure well managed forestry and farmland will outperform the average of all global assets."  Grantham is the head of GMO Asset Management, and we believe is one of the most astute investors of our time.  Grantham correctly predicted both the overvaluation of markets in 2007 as well as the bottom in early 2009 when he titled one of his quarterly reports "reinvesting while terrified."  Jeremy Grantham is worth listening to, and we at GreenWorld were thrilled to see him validate our strategy of focusing on forestry and farmland investments.  Even if you are not interested in these assets, we would strongly recommend you go to GMOs website and download one or two of Grantham's quarterly summaries, they are a fantastic read!