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Agarwood Investments - A Unique High Return Tropical Forestry Option

Agar Wood
Agarwood is a dark resinous heartwood that forms in a tropical tree from SE Asia called Aquilaria. When Aquilara becomes infected with a type of bacteria that occurs naturally in the wild an infection takes hold, and the tree produces a dark aromatic resin as a natural defense to the bacteria infected areas. The resultant heartwood is highly sought after by many cultures and when extracted from the tree, it is either processed into wood chips for aromatic burning or distilled in order to produce "oud oil". Both have a distinctive fragrance for which it is highly valued, making an investment in agarwood a truly unique opportunity. Once the Agar is processed from the tree, it produces one of the most unique scents in the world a scent and is a staple for luxury perfumes, soaps, incense, spiritual and religious ceremonies and more. Agar wood and the oud oil it produces continues to grow more and more popular in the luxury sector, and an Agarwood investment allows one to access a rapidly growing market.