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AlphaSense - Incredibly Helpful Research Tool

I recently came across AlphaSense a company that built a useful tool for investors and analysts. Their platform is essentially a 'Google of public filings' and allows users to search for a specific keyword or phrases in all filings of individual stocks (the data so far goes back to 2005) as well as the whole investment universe.

A recent use case can be for example my research of DYII. This company is facing complex litigation and via AlphaSense I was able to check their disclosure about it a lot faster through using several keyword searches. By doing this I also made sure that I did not miss any vital information. I was also able to search the whole public market and see if there is some other company facing a similar lawsuit. All that with just a few well-targeted searches.

The platform also has several additional features that can automize part of routine search such as the ability to set up alerts or build specific searches. The team also wants to add a whole number of new sources such as newspapers etc.

I was able get a free trial of the software and will definitely consider purchasing full access in the coming months. I believe that anyone researching stocks will greatly benefit due to the time savings and double-checking of vital facts that the platform allows. One can also get creative and use this to track curious trends across the public markets.

Disclosure: I/we have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours.