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Hidden gems!

The markets are moving just where we have not been paying attention. Just the other day, I was thinking about some non-cyclicals which can do well even in high interest rate scenario. I hold some FMCG stocks which do serve this purpose, but my search took me to some very interesting stocks, for example, there is this company which makes electrical home appliances, home lighting and basic but necessary lighting and “electricals” related items. I just bought into it, though I feel I should have got it a little cheaper. But you know, some stocks are always a little expensive. So guys, be on your toes, as there are opportunites out there, only we have to spot them and wait for the right price to enter. Now, against them I sold some of my FMCG stocks, which are currently doing well and as a result have become quite expensive. So guys, a little selling and a little buying has been keeping me busy. There is also this small cap stock which makes architectural and automotive glass and has all that is needed to take this stock to dizzy heights. But it seems I have been outsmarted this time. This stock has already doubled in the past few months. So, still guessing which one I am talking about! Go on and start digging for the next gold mine!