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T-Bond Intraday Forecast For February 26, 2013

The emphasis of Rosecast Market Timing has shifted from Forecasting the Direction of whole days to forecasting the direction of certain TIME PERIODS during the day. The reason is obvious with February 25, 2013. I have forecasted this a bearish day for stocks, BUT going short would just cause a trader HUGE LOSSES DESPITE OF A CORRECT FORECAST.

All times given are set for EST (NEW YORK)

That is why the Rosecast Forecast for February 25, 2013 looked like this:

First Cycle Trade BEAR: 2h25 SELL 4h53 BUY: 4h53 is the first expected low

Second Cycle Trade BULL: 4h53 to 5h23 BUY ……5h58 SELL or even 6h46 SELL or even 9h15 SELL

Third Cycle Trade BEAR: 9h15 HIGH, SELL…..11h29 LOW, BUY

Fourth Cycle Trade BEAR: 13h29 SELL and 14h03 earliest BUY (and close of trade) or 15h15 BUY or 15h29 BUY….


Rosecast on BONDS, February 26, 2013

Rosecast on Rosecast

I am quite happy about yesterday…and most happy about my forecast for the Bond market, because I am more interested in Bonds, then in the EURUSD for example. I have said that this would be a huge day for Bonds and it was a huge day. Both bullish trades First Cycle Trade BULL: 2h15 BUY 4h45 to 5h15 SELL Second Cycle Trade BULL: 11h15 BUY to 15h15 SELL worked very well and were an easy way to profit.

But there was a bearish trade between 4h45 and 9h30…that I have not forecasted here….and I was very happy to find this cycle very quickly after the close. Now I have seen a bullish cycle in Stocks for that time (which I am happy that I have found it), but the bearish cycle for Bonds was completely different (different planets) and unrelated to the bullish cycle for stocks.

Basically there are always larger and smaller cycles working at the same time…so sometimes…and entry time is a smaller cycle…..and the trade is already under way….because of a longer cycle.

DO NOT EXPECT INVERSIONS with this method…there are no inversions…any inversion is a mistake on my part, a miscalculation of a cycle…..or what is more likely….I will focus on a smaller cycle…and do NOT SEE the bigger cycle….and that bigger cycle RUINS THE TRADE….that means you must exit the market, if cycle trade goes against you…,and then wait for the next cycle to trade….or if market reverses…you can take trade again…i.e. SELL…market trades at 5…but then market goes to 6…you exit with a stop at 6…take a loss of 1….but then within the cycle time market trades at 5, so you sell again…and then might exit at 3…and still book a profit.

ANYWAY: I plan on having a daily updated service for BONDS, with Bond Matrix as support for active intraday-traders. The service will focus on cycle trades….identifying bullish and bearish trends during the day…ahead of time.

I am not interested in price levels and I tell you why. All market movements are caused by the planets…and NOT by the Italian elections or by the "Plunge Protection Team" or anything else that you can read on BLOOMBERG. WD Gann has said this clearly: "I investigated the manipulations of all great manipulators…and found that these manipulations where always in ACCORDANCE with NATURAL LAW." Natural Law was GANN'S way of saying ASTROLOGY. If you doubt my words, you should read "Tunnel thru the Air" page 178. Robert was very much grieved over the disappearance of Marie and consulted an astrologer for help, after consulting a clairvoyant. Gann than clearly wrote on page 178…that the Clairvoyant was just feeling Robert's mood, but the astrologer was telling the truth " While Robert was disappointed, he felt that this SCIENTIFIC MAN was telling the truth,…." WD Gann's market timing service was called "Gann's Scientific Service".
While I admit that I do not know all things that Gann was doing…it is clear to me that Gann believed that the markets were mathematically determined….because of this, he PLACED MUCH EMPHASIS on TRENDLINES!
Coming back to price levels….The simple PIVOT system works GREAT….because it uses mathematics to calculate support from Daily HIGHS and LOWS that were CAUSED by the planets. So use the PIVOT system and always look at the LAST DAILY HIGH and LOW, if you want to have price levels in accordance with astrology. I will write more on the Rosecast Matrix GUIDE, but will not give a too detailed explanation. Anyway from an intellectual point of view calculating a CYCLE TRADE is much more demanding, than thinking about prices. "And TIME comes before PRICE." Also there are already numerous services that give price levels…..again if somebody instructed me to do a price level service…I would use simple PIVOT SYSTEM with some small planetary derivations.

Rosecast on BONDS, February 26, 2013

All times given are set for EST (NEW YORK)

First Cycle Trade BULL: 10h35 BUY…..11h35 SELL
This is a smaller cycle, but a repetition of a bullish cycle that has worked yesterday…so it could be a good bullish trade.

Second Cycle Trade BULL: 14h20 or 14h27 BUY…. 15h00 SELL (this is the short cycle, it must be bullish), but there is a longer cycle: 14h10 BUY…..16h05 SELL

In this longer cycle the BUY starts already at 14h10. So the safest trade is LONG between 14h27 and 15h00…but if market starts rising at 14h10…one can likely hold trade into 16h05. I would not be long any bonds (Japanese Bonds) after 16h40….as there is another bearish cycle coming in at 18h45, so

Third Cycle Trade BEAR: 16h40 SELL…18h45 BUY…I am aware that this is after the close, but this geometry jumped into my eye. Also the bearish cycle although it is due at 18h45 might work already before…

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