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Wednesday February 27, 2013: Forecasted Reversal Day For Stocks & Bonds

|Includes: SDOW, ProShares UltraPro Dow 30 ETF (UDOW)

Rosecast on BONDS, February 27, 2013 (T-Bonds, T-Notes, EuroBund - FGBL)

All times given are set for EST (NEW YORK)

I was very pleased with yesterday's first BULL TRADE (posted here)....making the profits for the day. In the afternoon, the bearish cycle I have written about, prevented the bullish smaller cycle from working and prices did not move.
After the bearish longer cycle has completed at around 18h45....T-Notes and T-Bonds have started to rise again until this morning.

Alert: Wednesday is going to become a reversal day for stocks, and also for Bonds to a lesser degree.

First Cycle BEAR: 09h00 SELL…..11h35 BUY
Although we are in a bull trend, I expect some kind of sell-off in this period..The sell off might start already at 8h25 or 8h40 and last even until 12h55...I do not necessarily recommend to take this trade...unless you are day-trading..And focus more on the second trade below:

Second Cycle BULL: 12H55 BUY…. 15h30 SELL or 15h45 SELL

This is a great long trade and an easy way to profit in a bull trend.
This trade can also be seen on the Rosecast Bond Matrix very clearly.

Rosecast on STOCKS , February 27, 2013

Dow Jones has risen between 9h22 and 10h00 on Tuesday, as forecasted in Monday's update!

Wednesday is going to become a reversal day for stocks. Stocks look bullish during the first half of day, but are likely to sell-off in the US afternoon.
Dow Jones has first PIVOT resistance at 13948. This is a crucial level.

First Cycle BULL: 09h30 BUY or 10h05 BUY…....12h15 SELL

Second Cycle BEAR: 12h55 SELL........15h45 BUY

The US afternoon looks quite bearish both 15h25 and 15h45 two bearish cycles culminate....and the bullishness clearly stops around the US Noon.

I do not forecast the EURUSD itself, except for daily turning points, but I see it likely to move with stocks in this scenario. EURUSD needs to trade below 130.20 in order to confirm Monday as a cycle high point...and is destined to reach my price target of 129.70 sooner or later.

Stocks are in a bearish trend until.......subscriber information only

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