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Dow Jones Forecast Until And Including July 17, 2012

|Includes: SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF (DIA)

uwritten on July 12, before 9 am EST

Dear Readers,

As already announced in the July 5 update, I expect July 12 and July 16 to become very bearish days. But what is new is that also July 13 is forecasted to become bearish.

My minimum target for the Dow Jones Index until July 16/17 is 12327. If this comes true (I am very certain that the Dow Jones Index will reach this level) then the Dow Jones will trade below its June 25 low of 12458 (12450 on June 28). And this is what I have said earlier.

These are my forecast for the Dow in detail:

July 12: down strongly, but I expect an intra-day-high between 11h15 and 13h00EST. After 13h00 I expect more declines.

July 13: bearish to very bearish.

July 16: this is another bearish day, potentially very bearish

(either July 13 or July 16 must become another very bearish day !)

July 17: on this day I expect the market to close up, but July 17 could see an intra-day low that could become the low of the month of July. So July 17 is a classical reversal day in the fashion of October 4, 2011.

I am also bearish for Pound, Euro (Venus) and Gold (Mars) into the July 17 reversal date.

By the way: The fact that the market has traded up strongly on June 29, 2012 shows that there are no easy solutions to forecasting each day with astrology. I know that a T-square is a bearish formation and if there were only three planets in astrology, the market would have traded down on this day.

But on June 30 the Sun was also completing a Grand Trine with the Uranian Planet Poseidon and Chiron. So the question is whether the T-suqare or the Grand Trine is stronger ?
This is question of what I call "ASPECT DOMINANCE" in my research.
I believe that astronomers were correct to abolish the planetary status of Pluto...and if you take Pluto out of the picture, the Sun was in square to Uranus....but Uranus was also trine to the Mean Node. If you take Pluto in the picture then you can also include other planets that have his status in modern astronomy like Eris or Haumea. I have exclusively revealed in one of my free newsletters (sign up at that I consider Eris a very positive planet.
On April 23, 2010 Jupiter was parallel to Eris in declination.
On April 29, 2011 Mars, the ruler of Gold and Silver and other metals was conjunct Jupiter and Eris...and once this triple conjunction was exact, Gold and Silver have dropped strongly into May 6, 2011. order for any big day to occur, either up or down - there need to be special alignments to the Sun, as the Sun is the ruler of the day in astrology. I also believe that the Sun is the ruler of the Dow Jones. The Dow Jones is that financial market that is looked my most people in the it is the Sun (the King) of the financial markets.

best regards,

Markus Rose