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Is Google Running Scared Of Blackberry?

Google has a lot of money invested in the Android system and with the ownership of Motorola which may have affected what they are doing with Blackberry.

Google Sync which was the cross platform route for syncing Google's Calendars and Contacts was deprived of support during the tail end of 2012 followed by Gmail in the early part of this year. Luckily (might have been a good guess or somebody warned them) Blackberry was already setting up Enhanced Googlemail which improved on what Google had and all three were put together in one neat package.

Now Google Maps have lost some of their extras when used with a Blackberry such as signing into Latitude. The average BIS user would use this to find and meet friends while on the move and parents would be able to keep an eye on where their children were. Companies were able to pinpoint their drivers enabling them to send personnel to emergencies and it's even been known for emergency and armed forces to utilise the system.

Is it now a case of Google so worried about it's investments it is prepared to cut off possible advertising revenue from one of he wealthiest sectors of the market in order to block what it sees in the BB 10 operating system as a potential major rival? If, as Thorsten Heins has hinted, Blackberry is willing to license BB10 to other manufacturers and there are a few major players out there in the mobile device market such as Sony, Lenovo, HTC, LG and even possibly Dell and Acer who do need something to retain their foothold.

Looking forward it's possible to see the potential of QNX as an operating system for all computers and as Heins has said even in the guise of a phone with the addition of a keyboard and monitor it has the operating speed and power of most business laptops.

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