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U.S. Debt Bubble Signals Time To Buy Gold, Silver, and Mining Companies

The crowd has gone mad! It's hard to believe that people are actually willing to give their money to the Fed at negative interest rates, but the fact is that treasuries and the US dollar are being viewed as a safe place to put cash.

What a joke that is! Would you willingly invest your hard earned cash in any company that you know is bankrupt? Yet, that's what has happened over the past week or so as the sheeple have piled into the treasuries market. Imagine putting savings into a government that has been completely inept at handling its finances.

On the other hand, perhaps we shouldn't be so surprised by this, since the majority of people are also inept when it comes to handling their personal finances. We only have to consider the amount of household debt that the average American family is carrying, and it becomes clear that most people are clueless when it comes to handling their money.

The fact is that US debt should have been downgraded years ago, not just recently as was done by S & P. In any case, in the end it matters not what the sheeple do, let them be. The important thing is, what are you going to do to protect your capital.

The wise thing to do is to invest in hard assets like gold, silver, and the companies that are mining them. The profits of quality gold and silver producers are increasing each quarter. These types of companies are producing outstanding returns on equity for their shareholders as well as growing their development opportunities through continued exploration, mergers, and acquisitions.

It's likely that over the past couple of weeks we've seen the current bottom in gold and silver companies. As well, the share prices of the producers are bound to begin moving to catch up with the prices of the underlying commodities. This is simply a matter of time.

Now is not the time to turn turtle and hide in fear as the market has certainly oversold. Instead, we are being presented with what I and many others believe is the investing opportunity of a lifetime to pick up the shares of the producers at what may be termed bargain basement prices.

Be confident and remember that the real bubble is the debt bubble, which only contiinues to grow. This is positive for both gold and silver and the companies producing them. Now is the time to be buying!