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Some Interesting Out-Takes From The NNVC Annual Shareholders' Meeting Held On January 23rd.

|Includes: NanoViricides, Inc. (NNVC)

Some reinforcement of recent points that I have tried to make regarding the near future for NNVC were made during the Annual Shareholders' Meeting. Due to weather - attendance was sparse for shareholders, and most business was dealt with quickly. I was not able to attend myself as I had a scheduling conflict even before the Winter weather 'event' of this last weekend. But there has been an official PRed report that gives a solid overview of most of what was discussed at the meeting

Among the points that were made at the meeting, and confirmed by a couple of fellow shareholders whom I have been in communication with:

HerpeCide topical treatments for - initially HSV-1 group viruses causing Herpes of the Eye will be the initial Clinical Target for NNVC's drug development program. The company believes that the current production scale of up to 500 g reaction sizes for their nanomicelles is more than sufficient to complete the remaining pre-clinical work, to conduct Toxicity testing for their final selected candidate compound, and to initiate the Phase I and Phase II tests they need to move this compound forward.

FluCide IV (intravenous) - the compound that was their previous lead drug candidate before this last Spring's fortuitous discovery of effective HerpeCide candidates testing is ongoing, and while work in getting the HerpeCIde compounds moved forward this year goes on, production scale-up work and preclinical testing will continue in parallel.

Dr. Seymour and Dr. Diwan both discussed to significant changes in company focus and how they intend to transition the company from being a strictly R&D and pre-clinical proof of concept" stage company and into a true clinical-stage biopharma company that is capable of designing, manufacturing, and potentially marketing drugs on its own. The long-term value for shareholders could be very good as the value of the drugs that eventually come out of NNVC will provide direct value for the company and its shareholders.

Disclosure: I am/we are long NNVC, CVM.