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The response for 'Jadestone's hit-piece against GURE is a fraud'


Regarding to the response by Marc Chang on his Instablog, we would like to guess the response is more quickly than ‘the company management team’. We could not stop guessing that Marc is hired by GURE to publish the positive report and response to any attack. It explains why Mr. Chang need to clarify if this is the company behavior, or individual. 


We hope more investors could see the real situation but not from the ‘inside information’ by the company itself. 


JS Claim 1:

The common sense for bromine facilities is that the tower has a stable shape and 1300 M3/h is the ideal brine treatment for the 750 tower. Making it simply, the volume of a tower is stable, how can you add 2,3 pumps to make the tower treat more brine? If this logic is right, why the company need to build more bromine production line? Only adding more pumps is fine.



Mr. Chang did not interview any suppliers during his visit. So please provide more evidence about you can add more pumps for one facility to treat double or more times brine.


JS Claim 2:

+/-1350 M3 / H on Mr. Chang’s report is from the opposite way to calculate in order to achieve the capacity provided by GURE, what kind of pump the facility need. Also, still the same question, the facility can use two 1300 M3 pumps, but each one can only treat 750 M3/H, since the ideal brine treatment for one 750 bromine facility is 1300 M3/H



Please visit the bromine facility supplier and get the conception.


JS Claim 3:

For 210 g/M3, we believe this number is more than average in Weifang area from other companies interview. Also, Mr.Chang use this number in you report.



Please provide the local geologic resource report like JS.


JS Claim 4 &5

Even JS did not mention the insider’s name from the local tax bureau for protecting, but the data can be proved correctly if you check from Weifang Taxation Bureau. 


If Mr. Chang doubt about if this real or not, you can ask GURE to provide their tax record in Weifang Taxation Bureau to prove this is true or not.


JS Claim 6

No one claim GURE is the biggest bromine manufacturer in Weifang. It is just gave investors idea competitor’s capacity and production line to calculate if GURE’s make sense. From suppliers, we know these competitor’s facilities even much better than GURE, because GURE acquired lots of plants build at least 2-years ago. Moreover, competitors’ capacity can be easily found from their company’s website.


Further Comment

There are still other VERY INTERESTING points in the report, like the Ambiguous Corporate Structure, Illegal Land Occupation and the Effects of Pollution, False Claims for its Primary Construction Projects in 2010. If it can also be attacked as ‘misleading’?