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Weekend Reading: What Blackrock/BGI really means

|Includes: BlackRock, Inc. (BLK)

Only firms that have significant scale, or those that are small enough to be niche providers with differentiated product strategies, will be able to thrive in this new world. (kasina)

Open source financial modeling: We remain somewhat skeptical that professional investors and analysts will be eager to share their proprietary models in this manner. (Integrity Research)

Bogle vs. ETFs: To criticize ETFs is a little like criticizing cars – just because people can and do misuse them and get hurt, the majority of people are responsible and careful. (ETF Trends)

The Private Fund Transparency Act of 2009 seems much more intrusive to private investment funds than the Hedge Fund Adviser Registration Act of 2009 or the Hedge Fund Transparency Act of 2009. (Compliance Building)

Bailout Nation Review: point being that it captures what was happening at each step along the way instead of trying to piece it together with third party info. (Random Roger)

But would Paul Tudor Jones really say this to, say, a 55 year old man who’d just been fired from his sales job?  Bad things–persistent bad things–happen to good people, and while it’s comforting to think of them as merely a waystation, for lots of people that isn’t really true. (The Atlantic)

It takes too much work and thought to figure out why an investment might not work — or why the investment might harm the entire industry’s prospects. (noise free investing)

“What Makes Us Tick” is a 12-minute cartoon (in Technicolor!) that extols the virtues of the stock market: “Common stock investments have helped to make our country prosperous and powerful. Owning a share of American industry is like owning a share in the future of our nation!” (Get Rich Slowly)

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