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2nd Stimulus Drumbeat Begins

Long time readers will know I said when the 1st Obama stimulus passed things would be so dire we'd already be talking about another one by the fall.  Looks like I was off by 1 season.  

Frankly its really the 3rd stimulus, people forgot the nearly $200 B Bush handed out in rebate checks and business incentives 1 year ago.

Honestly it just a sad statement on affairs - sad on Obama's part he basically handed this bill to Pelosi and said "thank you for helping me get elected" instead of working on it based on his vision and promises to America to shape it, and the fact that with 80% of the 1st stimulus money not hitting the economy we are already stealing more from our grandchildren.

So much for all that shovel ready project work.

Surprising? No. We predicted it.

Sad? Very.

Pathetic.  At the utmost.