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Executive Interview: Daniel Grodnik, CEO, Mass Hysteria Entertainment Company

|Includes: Mass Hysteria Entertainment Company, Inc. (MHYS)

There are many things that I look for when searching for small cap companies. Of course the first for me is the potential for it to take off but more importantly I feel that a company needs to have a uniqueness to it that makes it stand out from the rest (especially in the small-cap space). One company that I was looking at later in February was Mass Hysteria Entertainment (OTCPK:MHYS). Initially it hit my radar after a big volume day on the 24th. There were no announcements, updates, or announcements of it becoming a marijuana company :) so I wanted to dig deeper and find out why the market thought this was a promising company or even a promising trade at the very least.

Mass Hysteria Entertainment has combined seasoned management with cutting-edge technology in the belief it can cause an entertainment revolution. Just as the Barnum and Bailey Circus gave way to Circ de Soleil, and your morning cup of coffee grew into Starbucks. According to the company, Mass Hysteria movies will look to lead a radical transformation in the cinema.

I've taken the time to reach out to the company and see if MHYS CEO Daniel Grodnik would be open to an executive interview and to my chagrin, he agreed to sit down with me for a quick one-on-one interview. A little background on Mr. Grodnik is that he's an industry vet. In addition to becoming CEO of National Lampoon in 1989, he was the executive produce of "National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation", Producer for the academy award nominated, "Powder", and received a Golden Globe nomination for best picture with the movie "Bobby".

Here's what Mr. Grodnik had to say:

1. In a few words, can you explain what the company does or is planning to do?

Produce movies and television programs where the audience can interact with them in live-time using their smart phones.

2.What Direction do you see your industry headed toward?

Bigger tech involvement in story telling

3. What are the key risks the company faces right now?

We have proof of concept but don't have the capital necessary to bring the product to market.

4. What projects are you currently looking to begin and/or complete?

The first truly interactive commercial motion picture. We are also pursuing bringing our App into the classroom to make audio-visual education interactive.

5. What are the current challenges you're facing that could prevent or slow progress from this/these project(s)?

Lack of Capital to hire the manpower needed.

6. If all goes as planned, how much revenue does the company anticipate generating from this/these project(s)?

We believe there's a large upside for our interactive cinema but do not want to mislead the market by providing a figure we can't prove or defend.

7. How are you currently marketing your product/brand?

To date, we've spent the bulk of our time and resources creating the App and haven't spent much time on the marketing side.

8. Where do you think the most significant growth will occur for the company over the next 3-6months?

Raising capital that will allow us to begin market beta testing.

9. You're the CEO of a small cap company. What is the major discerning factor that sets the company apart from the rest and gives you a competitive advantage?

Our decades of experience and access in the entertainment business.

10. Are you self-funding your projects or do you work with funding sources as a means for operational cash flow?

We do both

11. Is there anything that shareholders should know about you personally?

I don't understand the concept of NO.

Contributor's Notes:

It was an honor getting to sit down with an industry vet like Mr. Grodnik. I feel that he's extremely passionate about getting this product to market. I'd like to thank him for making the time for me and look forward to seeing more from the company in the future.

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