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Should economic events half way around the globe effect my potash stocks? Well it seems the world and more importantly the financial world hits the panic button with even a hint at bad news in the morning. The new anchors want to sensationalize the bad news and use words like crisis, meltdown, sell-off, and off course market bleeding seems to be the catch phrase thrown around now.


The first quarter of 2011 it was milestone, tipping point, breakout, then after the earthquake it all changed. The market is a hungry beast but it also seems to be an uneducated beast that sways with the wind and the order of the day first yelled out rings through each sector. Today that order was sell, lock in profits or gains or take a loss and run. Who wins in this market? Well if you have to ask that question maybe you should head back to RRSP's and GIC's. The shorters love fear and crisis and its how they make their bones. The retailers are the first to fall victim and seem to be waiting for someone to tell them to buy or sell.


Everyday I learn something about the markets, the buyers, the sellers and mostly I learn about myself. What drives me to get involved with some companies and why I search for value in a market that seems to eat its young. It is a very stressful position to be in at times. When your net worth can spike or drop with the price of gold or the financial forecast of a country smaller than Ontario.


Make sure your investing or divesting for your own reasons on days like today. Or maybe just head out for a nice walk with a coffee and enjoy the peace and quiet that comes from knowing you are in a solid investment and the rest of the issues in the news won't mean a thing at the end of the day.