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Two Companies With Real Value

|Includes: MWW, United States Steel Corporation (X)

Many people worry about how to safely invest what could be the market top. Finding value at these levels seem to be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Some of the top investors are saying that you should be building up your cash to buy on a market decline. Most top investors will rotate their portfolio into stocks that have real value and perhaps they might be looking into these two companies:

Monster Worldwide, Inc. (NYSE:MWW):

Monster Worldwide, Inc. not to be confused with Monster Beverage Corp. (NASDAQ:MNST). Monster Worldwide is the parent company of The online company that connects job seekers with employers. It is no question that holding onto this stock for the past few months has been painful. The sentiment has not been optimistic for a growth in jobs and many people are not looking as proved by the last jobs number. This company is worth looking at if you are a person that always searches for the best deals. With this being a profitable company trading 12 times forward earnings, along with the balance sheet, it could be trading much higher. If the company was dissolved, the value says it is worth at least $7.51 per share and is trading around $4.48 per share. Many companies that trade well below its dissolved value could be a takeover target by private equity. The downside seems to be completely worked into this stock, the slightest upbeat news of any kind could allow this to trade much closer to that $7.51, and when everyone says sell is the time the great investors will buy.

United States Steel Corporation (NYSE:X):

The short sellers had a pretty good run in this company. In fact, the short interest is roughly about 25% of the float. Many times the traders will either inflate the price to insane levels or make a company cheap. This company seems dirt cheap and not likely to get cheaper at the current valuation. It is trading near its low on April 3rd. Currently it's up about 6% since then while trading about 9 times its forward earnings. If the company was dissolved, the value says it's worth at least $24.11 per share and is trading around $17.83 per share. This stock should be seriously consider for your portfolio.

Final Thoughts:

Both of these companies are likely to perform into the future and are trading below the value they are worth by liquidation. Those who are short are in a very dangerous position. So sit back and relax, these will likely outperform no matter how the market performs in the future.

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, but may initiate a long position in X, MWW over the next 72 hours.