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My Personal Plan For 2021

Jan. 07, 2021 1:28 PM ET
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I’m Markus Heitkoetter and I’ve been an active trader for over 20 years.

I often see people who start trading and expect their accounts to explode, based on promises and hype they see in ads and e-mails.

They start trading and realize it doesn’t work this way.

The purpose of these articles is to show you the trading strategies and tools that I personally use to trade my own account so that you can grow your own account systematically. Real money…real trades.

In this article, I want to talk about my goals for 2021, and how exactly how I’m planning to achieve the goals, so I thought it would be fun to write them down and share them with you.

Now, as you know, goals need to be specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound.

Now, I will show you my financial goals both for trading, because after all, this is what I love to do, but also for wealth building.

After that, I will share with you the goals for my company, Rockwell Trading as well as my personal goals, and also my goals for this channel.

                                 Financial Goals

Trading For Income

For my financial goals, let’s kick things off and start with trading.

The plan here is to trade for income, and my target goal is to make $15,000 per month. This is meant to cover my living expenses.

Now, here’s the deal. This is a rough estimate of how much I have in living expenses. So this means that I am looking to make $180,000 per year.

For this trading plan, I opened a new account. I put in $250,000 into this new account, and it is a margin account.

Since having a margin account doubles your buying power, this turns that $250,000 into $500,000 of buying power that I will use for trading to achieve this goal.

To figure out how much buying power I needed, I needed to figure out my living expenses.

So as far as I know, my living expenses are around $9,000 per month.

You might be wondering,

“If your living expenses are only $9,000 a month, why would I try to make $15,000 per month?”

Well, very easy, there is this thing called taxes and I want to account for it. This cost is estimated.

Quick side note. By now you may be wondering why I seem to be unsure of exactly how much my living expenses are. I will cover this later in this article.

So, again, the goal here is to trade for income. My next goal is for wealth building.

Wealth-Building Goals

One of the avenues I like to use for building wealth and one I’ve very knowledgeable about is real estate.

So the plan here is that this year, I plan to buy a 10 million dollar apartment complex.

Now, I’ve already been investing in apartment complexes for the past few years, but the rough idea of the financials is:

  1. 7 million dollars will be used through financing. So I will find a bank that is basically financing 30% of this.
  2. I’m actually planning to raise 2 million dollars through investors.
  3. The last one million dollars will be my own money that I’m putting into this deal.

This is very typical for how investing in commercial real estate is done.

Now, here is the plan. The goal is to sell this for 15 million dollars in three to five years.

  1. So we’re selling it for 15 million.
  2. Then, of course, we have to give back 7 million dollars to the bank, right? Because we’re borrowing 7 million dollars.
  3. 2 million go back to the investors because everybody needs their money back right?
  4. Then 1 million dollars will need to go back to me because I also want to make my money back.
  5. Now, this is only ten million dollars. That leaves five million dollars in profits that can be divided among the investors and me.

So essentially, I’m planning on making two million dollars based on the one million dollars that I invested, which would be a very healthy return.

Throughout this whole process, I’ll show you exactly how this process unfolds as it happens, and what apartments I’m looking at with video updates on my YouTube channel as they happen.

My other plan for this wealth-building goal is possibly buying a resort in Mexico, and here’s why.

Those of you who already follow me know with my company, Rockwell Trading, we do have a Mastermind program, and we have Mastermind meetings at least three times a year.

Now, recently due to covid, we weren’t able to have these in-person meetings, but if buying a resort in Mexico is feasible, then not only could we host our Mastermind meetings here in the future, I can also rent these rooms out for Airbnb.

Now while I have experience with real estate, I’ve never been in the hotel business, so this might be a really stupid idea, but maybe it is a good idea.

Right now this is just a goal, and will look into the details deeper to figure out if this will be feasible.


So we talked about trading for income and wealth-building with real estate.

My next financial goal has to do with something that I definitely have on my radar is that this year, and that is cryptocurrencies.

Some of you know that in the past, I’ve been very, very public about being completely against cryptocurrencies, but I can’t deny that Bitcoin had a fantastic run this year.

Bitcoin is now trading above $30,000. So guess what? Seems I was wrong.

Moving forward I will definitely be looking into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies more closely, and fortunately, I have access to some fantastic resources of experts on cryptocurrency that I will interview for myself.

I will also share these findings with you on my YouTube channel, and future blog posts throughout the year.

My Goals For Rockwell Trading

At my company, Rockwell Trading, we offer The PowerX Optimizer Software, and I am determined to make this the very best software in the world.

For this, I am planning to release PowerX Optimizer 2.0 in the first quarter of this year, and I’m also developing an awesome trading log that will be integrated with PowerX Optimizer.

So why do you need a trading log? Well, with this trading log it will be easy for you to analyze your trades. We all need to analyze our trades, and so this is definitely something that I will tackle this year.

One other feature that I want to look into is possibly being able to execute trades through PowerX Optimizer by integration with actual brokerages.

As it stands right now, you use The PowerX Optimizer to find stock, and then you have to enter the trades into a broker platform separately.

I want to see if I can make this process easier, because, I have the same challenges.

I see it on PowerX Optimizer, and now I have to enter it into the broker platform, so not only making trading easier for myself, but for everyone who uses The PowerX Optimizer.

I’m constantly thinking of ways to improve The PowerX Optimizer, because not only do I believe in it, but I believe in Rockwell Trading as a whole.

I believe this company, Rockwell Trading, can be an Inc 500 company.

I am super passionate about trading, creating the best trading tools, and showing you the very best trading strategies that you can use to grow your account.

It’s because of this drive I have to provide awesome value for you, that makes me believe we can make their list of the fastest-growing companies.

Now I’d like to move on and share my personal goals for 2021 with you.

Personal Goals

Writing More Books

The first of my personal goals for this year is, I want to publish two more books.

So the first book, as some of you are already aware, will be on The Wheel strategy, which is a trading strategy for trading options.

Right now I’m in the process of giving the book one final proof-read before sending it to the printers, and I only have a few more chapters to go, but I will be rolling this one out shortly in the coming weeks.

The second book I’m thinking about writing will cover wealth-building strategies, which will cover what I’ve been doing over the past years to become a multimillionaire.

When I came to the United States in 2002 18 years ago, I had $30,000, and today I am a multimillionaire, so I know a thing or two about how to build wealth.

I think this would be another great book to share with you, that you can get a lot of value from.

Buying A Plane

Here is an absolute crazy personal goal that I have for this year, and you might actually say that this is a stupid idea, but for years I have been dreaming & fantasizing about owning a private plane.

I’ve decided that 2021 might be the year where I make this a reality.

Now again, this could be an absolutely stupid idea. Don’t get me wrong, I’m pretty smart about how I spend my money, and I’m not planning to buy a 10 million dollar jet because here’s the deal.

A private plane is an expense, not an investment, right? However, everybody is allowed to spend money however they want, and this might be one of the things that I decide to splurge on.

For other people, it might be exotic vacations, for me, the idea here is a private plane.

Here is the plane that I’m looking into.

So it’s smaller like an executive plane, and this is the kind of plane that I’m looking into.

As you see the interior is it’s very comfortable for four people, so again, nothing crazy.

I’m definitely not planning to fly it myself, so no worries there. I’m planning to have a pilot fly it for me because I have no idea how to do this.

I will look deeper into this and see if buying a plane actually makes sense or not?

These are some of my personal goals. Now, in terms of habits, there are also a few habits that I want to start doing this year.


Keeping Track Of My Finances

First of all, I want to track everything. What do I mean by this? Well, when I say track everything, I want to get better at tracking my wealth, which would be my net worth.

Now I have a rough idea of what my net worth is, but I should be probably getting much better about this so that I know at any given time how many millions I have.

You see, the challenge is once you have money, it’s not that important anymore, but I want to do this and I also want to get a little bit better about tracking my expenses.

Remember earlier, when I was talking about how I wasn’t sure exactly what my monthly expenses were? This is where being better at keeping track of finances, as a whole comes into play.

I said that I’m planning to trade for income on my YouTube channel and that I think I need $15,000 a month, but I actually don’t know exactly how much I need.

So I need to get better about keeping track of my finances.

Health & Fitness

I also want to get better at tracking my weight and calories. I’m 51, so I’m getting older, so it’s important to take care of this.

I want to track everything from my water intake, calorie intake, and what kinds of food I’m eating.

I also want to keep track of my workouts, and as of now, my workouts are very, very easy to track because it is actually zero, so I want to be better at getting exercise as well.

My YouTube Channel

Now how does all of this affect you? I mean, why would you even care about all this?

Well, this is the beautiful thing about my channel. If you’re interested in what I’m doing with these goals, I’m planning to post videos there throughout 2021.

Five times per week, I will post a daily stock market update.

I used to talk about what was going on in the markets during the “Coffee with Markus” live streams.

These are now separate, daily videos, 5 days a week, and this will be in four minutes or less.

Two to three times per week, I will continue the “Coffee with Markus” live streams, but without the market updates, as they will now be in the other videos.

I am planning actually keeping you updated on the wealth-building strategies I was talking about, with video updates.

I will post videos updating everyone on the progress of my goals, and, of course, I also will continue to post videos covering the very specific strategies that I will use for trading.

When it comes to trading, I will continue to show you exactly the two strategies that I’m currently using, which is The Wheel strategy, and the PowerX strategy.

If I decide to trade any other strategies this year, I will post videos about that as well.

I will share videos with my real estate adventures, which as of right now, is where I’m planning to invest in a 10 million dollar apartment, possibly buying a resort in Mexico.

I’ll be sharing everything with you, the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I also want to cover topics I haven’t covered before, for example, credit cards.

I have a bunch of credit cards and I’m using them wisely, so for instance, topics about credit cards like, “The Apple Card, is it worth it?” I have 3 American Express cards so I’ll cover whether or not they’re worth it.

I also can tell you that right now I have 650,000 airline miles, so I will show you exactly what I’m doing to get all of these points because, with 650,000 airline miles, you can go around the world several times.

Another topic of interest is that interest rates are low right now.

So we will talk about, for example, LOC these lines of credit, or does it make sense to refinance your home?

I have been looking into refinancing my home and I will let you know what I found of whether it makes sense or not, and other strategies to employ when interest rates are low, and then when interest rates are high.

For example, when interest rates are high, I will cover high yield savings accounts as well as CDs.

YouTube also has these so-called “shorts” and these are videos below one minute or less. These will be videos that I do as a quick reference guide. So for example, what is the bid/ask spread? What is Theta in options?


So let’s just briefly recap, I wanted to share my goals with you for 2021 and they are:

  1. Will publicly trade here for income with a new $500,000 margin account, with the goal of making $180,000 a year.
  2. For wealth building. I’m planning to buy a 10 million dollar apartment complex, and am looking into buying a resort in Mexico for the Mastermind meetings for Airbnb?
  3. I will look into cryptocurrencies and see which cryptocurrency. Does it make sense to invest in Bitcoin? Are there any other cryptocurrencies worth investing in? Is it better to maybe invest in gold or silver?
  4. I will look into publishing two books.
  5. Improving the PowerX Optimizer Strategy.
  6. I’m looking into if a private plane is a stupid idea or not.
  7. Keeping better track of my health and finances.
  8. Becoming an Inc. Fastest Growing Company.
  9. Providing more content on my Youtube channel.

So long story short, this will be an exciting year. I am super excited for 2021.

This is the first time ever that I’m doing anything like this, and I will really be pulling back the curtain throughout to show you everything that I personally do.

I hope that you find this not only interesting but that these are also strategies that you can employ in your life right away, but this really depends on what stage of life you’re at.

You might be at a stage where you are still trading for growth, trying to build an income, and I will show you very specific trading strategies for doing this.

It might be that you have a retirement account and you’re looking back right now.

You’re getting your initial statement and you say,

“You know what? This hasn’t been doing anything over the past year and I want to have better wealth-building strategies.”

If so, there will be videos on my channel as well.

Sometimes you might be wondering,

“Does it make sense for me to open an American Express account or to have an American Express credit card?”

Or something relating to this.

And I will share all of this with you. Hope that you’re enjoying this. And this is what you can expect from me in 2021.

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