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New Podcast "Wall St Vs Main St" Presented By D. Daxton White, Esq

D. Daxton White, the managing partner of The White Law Group, is now the host of a national podcast aimed at revealing common tactics used by brokerage firms. Each episode is designed to educate the investing public, and help you, the investor, identify potential red flags and provide information to help you even the playing field with your broker. This is not another investment advice show. Mr. White simply wants to share information he believes will be helpful when dealing with brokers and other financial professionals.

Mr. White is a national securities fraud attorney that has represented hundreds of individuals throughout the country in FINRA arbitration claims against their brokerage firm. However, he got his start representing some of the country's largest brokerage firms in disputes with investors. While Mr. White now exclusively defends investors in securities claims, his background provides him with a unique understanding and perspective on the industry.

The topics of the podcast range from information on certain investment products (and the incentives financial professionals have for selling such products), to how to vet your financial advisor and important questions you should ask before you invest. In the first episode Mr White discusses the value of FINRA's BrokerCheck and how to file an arbitration claim. He also talks about non-traded REITS and some of the issues that may arise for investors in Puerto Rico municipal debt.

Subsequent podcast delves deeper into the situation in Puerto Rico, as well as a discussion on variable annuities with former financial advisor James P. Galvin, Esq. Other episodes discuss some of the pitfalls associated with oil and gas limited partnerships, hedge funds and the high commissions associated with certain securities products. The show first aired on 1370AM, 107.9FM, 101.7FM in the Treasure Coast and is now available online at

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