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Recovery Options For RMC Medstone Capital Investors

The White Law Group is investigating recovery options for investors in RMC Medstone Capital V and VI promissory notes. Specifically, the firm is researching the liability that the brokerage firms and financial professionals who sold the RMC Medstone Capital promissory notes may have.

In September of 2011, RMC Medstone Capital investors apparently received a Notice of Default advising them that their investments are now worthless.

Brokerage firms and financial advisors have a responsibility to their clients to perform due diligence on any investment prior to recommending it for sale.

It does not appear that the firms and advisors that sold RMC Medstone Capital notes will be able to demonstrate that they sufficiently vetted the investment prior to recommending it to their clients, and, as such, these entities may have liability for the ensuing losses.

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