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More Bookkeeping (ATW, ETN, LRCX, SPY) And Portfolio Notes

|Includes: Atwood Oceanics Inc. (ATW), ETN, LRCX, SPY

Todays Trade Summary:

Today the following trades were executed:

(NYSE:ATW) To meet the allocation requirements in (portody) of 35 shares times 50% or 18 shares. So the Intending to buy 12 shares of ATW, I accidentally bought 100 shares of ATW at 45.68 price and later liquidated 88 shares at 45.56 price. The loss on the mistake is 88*0.12 + one dollar commission for a total of $11.56 or .001% of the 850k portfolio. Remaining exposure is 18 shares, about $815 or .01% of market value of the account, (portody).

ETN - This was a Cramer action alerts plus holding. I am interested in reducing the number of names i have and the value of this holding was less than 200 dollars so it was a natural selection to go and i have no feeling for its value. The proceeds on the shares were $138.14 including a 1 dollar commission. Remaining exposure is zero.

LRCX - reasoning as above, liquidating 1 share for $33.61 after $1.00 commission. Remaining exposure is zero.

SPY - reducing short daily by 1 share for $142.90 cost after $1.00 commission. Remaining short 785 shares for 13.05% of the 850K portfolio value. Spy is hedging against broad market movement in the portfolio.

(portfolio value is account value plus $181,305, 850K is an estimate of this account value but is within 1%.


Disclosure: I am long ATW.

Additional disclosure: I am hedging (short) the SPY index fund.