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Acquiring AIG

|Includes: American International Group Inc (AIG)

Acquiring AIG:

Summary of buys this week

170 at $34.49 with 1.00 commission 20120828 8:45:00 conditional, time

100 at $34.0699 with 1.00 commission 20120829 9:44:01 conditional, time

48 at $33.79 with 1.00 commission 20120830 10:29:16 conditional, time

48 at $33.9599 with 1.00 commission 201208319:49:39 live

Total cost $12526.29. Now holding 399 shares of AIG. My goal is now just 440 (as portpro) and other 3 (portiv). I have 44 shares left to fill the goal. I am breaking even at this point. I intend to enter the orders to execute Tuesday to buy at market, 44 shares, one order, at market execution.


Disclosure: I am long AIG.