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Is The Federal Reserve Really Tapering?

Is the Federal Reserve really tapering? I bet that 99% of everyone you ask will say yes and will think you to be absolutely crazy for even asking the question; however, what if I could show incredible purchases of US Treasury bonds that are being hidden from mainstream America through Belgium?

Check it out. Here's the new Treasury numbers from the US Treasury Department:

Belgium US Treasury Bond Purchases

In the last 5 months, Belgium has purchases $180 billion worth of US Treasury bonds?! That's impossible.

Belgium has an annual GDP of $480 billion. If we divide that annual GDP number by 12 (to get GDP per month), that's about $40 billion per month. Since the incredible bond buying has taken place over the last 5 months, that means that Belgium is spending 90% of its GDP on buying US Treasury bonds! That's not happening. For one, Belgium does not have a surplus but instead a deficit. Belgium can't print money either because it's on the EURO. So again, how is Belgium buying 90% of its entire GDP in US Treasury bonds?

Someone is laundering money through Belgium to mask their massive buying of US Treasury bonds. Some are speculating that it could even be the Federal Reserve itself. This would mean that the Federal Reserve is using the mainstream media to spin the tapering story, while secretly they are laundering money through Belgium to continue their bond buying spree.

I talk more about this in this weekend's show: (jump to 19 minutes to get to the Federal Reserve laundering money part)

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