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Thoughts On Extreme Weather For Early June

Here it is the last day of May and it is time to look at the potential for extreme weather for June.

  • El Nino is progressing nicely with the warm water spreading out as expected. The list of impacts is growing and now includes drying conditions across Ethiopia and Kenya (although they should get some more rain in 10 days to 3 weeks).
  • India's monsoon is struggling to come alive as El Nino grows stronger.
  • Australia's weather is getting drier, drought is deepening.
  • Copious amounts of rain will fall on the U.S. Corn Belt through June 20 with pockets of 10" likely from Nebraska to central Illinois.
  • The atmosphere over the Gulf of Mexico is moist - 10 to 15 inches of rain will fall on the Florida peninsula between now and June 15.
  • Thunderstorms in and around Denver are causing a fair amount of cancellations and that could hurt the commuter airlines operating there.
  • Tropical storm season will eventually get underway. My biggest concern is for a massive cluster of thunderstorms to evolve into a tropical storm. I'll have to watch it closely.
  • Other drought areas continue - Indonesia, Brazil.

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