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Turning your X ray Films into Silver

   For all you investors that lead a double life as a physician, veterinarian, chiropractic, xray tech, podiatrist or what have you, I hope you realize you have a great asset in your X ray Films. With the Silver value being what it is and the availability of Silver becoming scarce you can turn the xray films into silver by finding a silver recycling company that will issue you payment of your films in the form of silver coins or bars.

   The continued economic  misgivings have made precious metals the choice for alot of investors. The current downturn of the price currently has made alot of suppliers of silver coins and bars halt production but some silver recycling companies such as B & D Associates, Inc. offer payment for your films in Silver coin or bar.

   As such you can turn your purged xray films into an investement of those silver coin and bars and know you have a healthy investment on something that was just sitting on the shelf. Please check with your Secretary of State for regulations on length of time these medical records must be kept on file. 

   B & D Associates, Inc. a nationwide x ray film recycler has been in the xray film recycling business since 1974 and has always offered payment in the form of check or silver bar and coin.

   Please be careful as the value of xray films are so high now people are impersonating legit xray film recyclers and stealing xray film.


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